Thursday, January 8, 2009

First random post in 2009

Having day-off today!!


1. Working in SEED

a) I'm not the only one who doesn't like that new staff!! Wohoo! =X Diana(my another asst.supervisor) also think he's annoying!

b) The supervisor kept asking me to guard the fitting room.. The day before yesterday, she asked me to guard the fitting room AND stick highlighted-50%-stickers on every clothes in one of the wagon(which it's already like a mountain.. who's fault? YOU PPL=customers.) And you know what? Someone stole a piece of clothing.. My supervisor found a price tag in the fitting room.. Then she kinda blame me..
But Diana said it's not my fault and said that the supervisor is crazy 'cause want me to stick those clothings still want me to guard the fitting room etc..
Is it really my fault..?
I don't even dare to face the supervisor..! Thank God she's having day-off yesterday..! But still have to face her tomorrow..
Yesterday there's another thing was stolen.. Made me sad again 'cause kept thinking it's my fault again.. ...
And I don't understand.. why if got price tag in the fitting room's floor sure is kena steal? Yesterday I got serve a customer, later she went.. When I checked the fitting room, there's a price tag on the floor.. then I checked those clothes she tried before.. the price tag belongs to one of the clothings..

c) Fuck those ppl who steal stuffs!! If no money then earn money to buy la!! Steal what fuck?! (but I think they're really smart o_o but why don't they use it to do good stuffs?!!) FUCK!! (LOL imitate DMC's manager =X)

d) I hate customers...
who messed up the clothes in the wagon that used to be folded nicely..
who have bad attitude (duh)
who is very lan si
who look down on me ('cause I'm a trainee)
who called me "lenglui", not "Miss"
who actually speaks mandarin but speaks cantonese with me/staffs (fuck la, why must speak canto when you're not originally speak canto?!)

e) I hate ppl called me "lenglui" when they wanna call me.. Fuck la, I dun have name ah?! Makes me feel like you're cheap and flirting with me OR saying "another meaning" = I'm ugly etc.

f) I learned how to communicate with toddles/babies OwO LOL!! And what's good about working now is.. I get to see many kiot babies!!! :3 =X
I used to hate babies btw. ('cause babies kept drooling.. eww.)

g) What I eat when I'm having break..?

Chicken chop rice with potato sauce.. bought from Desa (few days ago)



Bread that looks like a bear

Chocolate bear bread.. mmm..

h) Angpau packets!
Yesterday Anna got many angpau packets from D&D! And she gave some to us! Lol!!
Damn nice lor D&D's angpau packets! I haven't see SEED's, but they say it's normal D=

Tradition style

See these!! So nice!!

And Hello Kitty has a mouth! And it's smiling!!! Horror! Haha!


2. "Bye to 2008, Hello to 2009!" I remembered something I haven't write!!
There's a moment in my school, many student's money etc was stolen.
In April 22nd 2008, my phone was stolen!! (I remember the date 'cause my birthday is two months later, and my favourite number is 22 =.=) I put it in my bag in my classroom.. money also stolen, same to my friends but she didn't put her phone in her bag..

So shock when I noticed it! I mean.. numb =_=||| No feeling 'cause can't believe it's happening. I remember when I noticed it, I told my friend "I think my phone was stolen", then we checked our wallet, money was gone too(even syillings <--how to spell? !! ).

I remember the first thing I did was, of course called my phone using my friend's phone la.. But it didn't reached, it's been switched off. I never off my phone. Then I call back home(or my sis ah? I think I called my sis and she's still sleeping :3) I asked her to check whether my phone was under my pillow etc.. Then confirm gone liao lor..
Very sohi lor.. stole what la!? I hope all of them will go to hellllll!!! =X


3. X JAPAN again!!
My sis finish downloaded X JAPAN countdown live!! Watch a bit last night..

So sad to watch The Last Live part..

And! kinda pissed 'cause they didn't show Taiji during those clips before 1993!! Especially 1992's concert! That's really important 'cause it's Taiji's last stage with X!
I know Taiji isn't X member anymore.. but.. He used to be one of them.. =(

And! Not like the other X Freaks, I don't really like Sugizo performing with X! I want Taiji.. =(

Hmm.. Toto Toshi RULEZZZZ!!
hide YAY!!! ♥♥♥!!!




Яeiki said...

Hua ~~ why work untill so much complain de ?
haih ~ this is a training which u have to face it sooner or later la ~ c'mon ,dun cry, uncle sayang !!

which seed u working ah ????
i wanna go visit u and call u LENG LUI loud loud !!!! Wahahaha

KaedE said...

NO!!! I won't tell u where i work!! >=(

Яeiki said...

ei ei ~ dont like that la ~ tell la ~~ go visit u ma ~ no good ??

if u dont wanna tell me , i go ask ur sister
ψ(`∇´)ψ うきょきょきょ

KaedE said...

you....!! >=(
haiya if u smart, u no need ask my sis also can know where de la.. (´o`)