Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye to 2008, Hello to 2009!

It's 2009!! Few months later I'm going to be 18!! AHHH!!! NOOO!!! Lol!

Now I'm gonna separate things I'm gonna blog to a few chapters! Like my last entry in Blogdrive!

You don't have to see all these 'cause they're all craps.

Chap 1 - High School Life
Chap 2 - Friendship thingy
Chap 3 - Drama/Milkygreen
Chap 4 - Family
Chap 5 - Love?
Chap 6 - I love to be a Fan girl
Chap 7 - Internet
Chap 8 - Music
Chap 9 - Dream
Chap 10 - Others (me, my "lists" etc)

Chap 1 - High School Life

My high school life.. It's not really happy, I think. I'm not a aggressive, talkative etc person, bla bla bla..
I hate KRS, I hate the members. I used to be one of them, but I'm invisible.
I hate my Form 3 school life the most. I sleep during class 98%, even during maths lessons which was teached by our school principal.
Form 4.. Hmm.. Didn't really care my studies(not 100% don't care la, still got care about it), all I care during form4 was just drama, Milkygreen, stage play, performing etc etc.. But start from Form 4, although my school life it's not really happy, but at least better than Form 3..!

Form 5.. I can't believe it's already ended!
At the beginning of this year, I kept saying I don'y want to be Form 5, have to face SPM etc.. Bt SPM already ended for a month!
I finished SPM?! That's horrible!! I still can't believe I finished SPM!! The SPM timetable is still on the table beside me!!

My class.. the last Art class in SMJK ChongHwa,Jalan Gombak..! We're history!!
"The Balance of Artz".. Lol..
Hmm.. all our relationship are not very close, but each and ever one of us are proud to be 5a-ers..!
It's so "nice" 'cause we always absent to school together..! I still remember last year we're Form 4, when those form 3(or form 5?) are having PMR or SPM, we have to go to skool too according to the school announcement paper thingy.. Like.. Monday 12/8/08(e.g) 4e2 and 4e3 have to go to school, Tuesday 13/8/08 4e4 and 4e5 have to go to school etc.. but the paper didn't have our class - 5A!! Because they knew that even they did put us in the list, we won't attend too! Lol!

Hmm... I'm not in high school anymore..???


Chap 2 - Friendship thingy

Hmm.. Everything is back to normal now.. I mean, no more "best" friends, but just friends.
Envy those people who have "best friends" or can last their friendship with their friends for a long time.. 'cause I can't.. I mean, I won't have any actual "best" friends.. Maybe it's not my thing..? Whatever..


Chap 3 - Drama/Milkygreen

Hmm.. A thing which belongs at the top of my heart once. But things change.. Me.
I still really love it, but I found something I love more than it..
Performing on the stage, stage acting.. really enjoy it. It's really tiring to prepare everything, but during the performance, it's really scary, nervous yet fun, happy and exciting!

Have a lot of pic with Milkygreen those days..

My first performance

Where am I? Lol

Taman Petaling Girl School's drama competition.. got 2nd place =D

Chinese Society Farewell performance.. damn hard to perform 'cause it's horrible.. =X
(guess which is me? x_x")

2006's drama camp's performance.. can you find me?

Show Time 2 (2007)


Play as "ahCat" (me left, ahLing right)

ahDai(arricsson) and ahCat(me)

Me lol

My sis and me after the performance!

2007 drama camp performance (the second left is me la.. so tall.. =_=)

this year.. i mean, last year(2008) performance ShowTime3's preparation.. setting up the lights etc..
I'm afraid of heights, but this is actually pretty fun! lol

Rehearsal for my show..
I'm not in the pic 'cause I'm the cameraman and the director.. weird..
Hmm.. I wonder when Carin's dad finally got the performance's discs..! Really wish to see it..

I've got a lot of drama memories during my high school life.. What can I say..? It changes me and my life.. and learn a lot of things from it..
In the TEA forum, one of the teacher's signature wrote "people who learn drama will never turn bad".. But I noticed that most of the people beside me, I mean my juniors or those who were same generation as me etc.. even they know what's good or bad, they still did bad stuffs.. I mean negative stuffs.. some of them.. erm.. most of them won't think of others feelings etc.. ugh dunno how to say la!
As for me, I think I've became a better person.. I mean, I'm still having a bad attitude and bad temper etc.. but at least I did think about the future or other's feelings(but I still dun care about it eventhough I know it will hurt others.. lol just sometimes la..) etc.. I even noticed I'm a lucky person.. I'm a good daughter compared to the others..(but do my parents think that?)

Used to promise I'll never quit/stop drama before I graduate.. but.. hmm..
but at least I'm still one of them.. ^^

Ok I'm lazy to talk about Milkygreen already 'cause too many to write and think -.-


Chap 4 - Family

They're still the best.


Chap 5 - Love?

Yay! I never have any love relationship experience before! And I'm PROUD of it!


Because most of the people I know or don't know already had love experiences etc.. so common.. boring..

Well during high school like, I did have crush for two guys.. One is start from Form 1 until early year of Form 4 (wow), and the other one is start from end of Form 3 until Form 4.. Yes, I had a crush for two guys in the same time! Wooo! =.= Wtf
Some of the people asked me whether someone tackled me before.. No! Who will want me?! I'm tall, I'm not pretty, I look fierce, I'm damn quiet, I look huge, I'm a brother/a guy for my Milkygreen guy friends.. who wants a girlfriend like that?! Lol.

I used to think it's kinda embaressing that I've never been in those love thingy.. but NOW.. No. I think it's a waste of time.. I have my family, my second family(Milkygreen), my hide (LOL), why should I need a boyfriend? To cry? To save or protect me? Why should I have a boyfriend?!
Sometimes I want it, sometimes I don't want it. But mostly I don't want it.

"I rather be a fangirl"

Yup, this is what I said, always. Especially now, 'cause I'm a hide fangirl.

Seriously, do I really need a boyfriend?

You know what? I can't believe, after so long, I'm having a crush on someone again! Just these days.. Don't ask me who's that (especially YOU, crap :3) 'cause I'm gonna forget about it too.

Why? 'cause..

I found out that, before I think I've got that "hope", I want that "miracle" happen quickly. But when I felt it become closer, I don't want it to happen anymore, I'm scared, I don't know why!

Well, I guess I'm just not ready for these kind of stuff! Not my thing too..
Even thought of not going to marry in the future =__=||||

Fangirling rocks! Lol!


Chap 6 - I love to be a Fan Girl

Yep, I love it alright.

It all started when I was primary school standard 6, a GLAY fan/Hisashi fan! Since then I just listen to japanese songs etc.. Damn in love with Hisashi!

Too bad the quality sux.. but still.. So yeng!! X3
At first I think he's very weird.. but dunno why like him already! Heh! So yeng and cute!
Then w-inds. fan/Keita fan! But I think Keita become not that good looking already.. especially his hair style =(
Then Hisa again.. Then SID/Mao and AnCafe..

And now! It's hide!! And X!!

I'm in love with hide(and X) for more than a year already! Wohoo! X3 And I think I won't change to love other artists anymore.. 'cause.. X is the legend and the greatest! And hide is not here already(what's the point?).. My point is, because hide is not here in this world anymore, means he wont change anything anymore (not like Keita)..

Seriously, I never loved any artist like now!

You know what? I'm really glad I'm a hide fan! He and his death actually made me thought a lot of things..
1. If you're born in this world, it surely has it's own reason.
2. No one is perfect (of course)
3. Everyone's life is equal
4. Miracle will happen..?
5. Suicide always sux (I didn't say hide was 100% suicide.. but.. who knows?)
6. Alcohol makes people die =_+"
7. Smoking makes you teeth horribly ugly =X

and many many many more!



Chap 7 - Internet

Ok.. Many of you have a lot of net friends etc.. but I don't.

Dunno why, but for me they're still strangers..

Hmm.. suddenly remember I had a fight with two person through net - Aiko and Kero(which I don't know her actually +_=)

Quarrel with Aiko in a forum because of where to buy cloth.. I asked her where can buy cloth, she say at cloth shop etc.. then I asked her where got cloth shop (sounds stupid..? but I don't usually go out 1 mar..) Then start quarrel already.. Lol..
Then I hate her. Lol.
But dunno since when became friends already =.=|||| But now long time didn't contact her already, so.. =\

Kero.. Hmm.. quarrel with her because I said her friend's name sounds stupid =X
Actually it all started when we're bidding in Cheesie's blog..! Me and another person were bidding the item.. And I won! =X So I blog about it in my previous blog.. got write about that person and said her/his name is stupid etc.. Then found out Kero's blog got write about me and my sis etc.. then I posted an entry to reply her.. bla bla bla.. damn immature la.. but so young only so mature for what? swt.. then bla bla bla.. then she didnt post anything already, then she changed blog already, we also lazy to bother her already.. Lol I sendiri cari pasal =.=|||

Hmm.. But I love internet 'cause I get to know more about X JAPAN and hide and GLAY!! Especially YouTube! Lol!
And I'm so happy there's things as live streaming etc! 'cause I get to listen and watch X JAPAN's March reunion concert LIVE!!! XD The greatest experience!!!


Chap 8 - Music

Let's see.. From a Faye Wong fan, to M2M and NSYNC fan.. To GLAY fan..
Start from loving GLAY, then dun listen to other language song anymore.. 'cause found out Japan music are way better than others..! (but still got love a few other language songs la)
GLAY.. w-inds. .. SID.. AnCafe.. Kra.. hide and X JAPAN!!

Happy to be a GLAY fan/Hisashi fan, 'cause made me wanna play in a band and want to learn guitar and be a guitarist!
Hapy to be a X JAPAN/hide fan, 'cause made me wanna play in a band again after few years didnt touch my stupid acoustic guitar, and made me wanna learn any intruments!

I WANT AN ELECTRIC GUITARRRR!! (and a bass, a drum set, a piano etc)

Hmm.. Let's see what songs I'm loved before in 2008!
Note: X JAPAN and hide not included, 'cause I'm into all of their songs.

Kra - Extra Kingdom

Hehe Keiyu so cute!

Gazette -Silly God Disco

hide's son... >__>

Hmm still got what song ah..?

Miyavi - Itoshii hito (with Keiyuu)

Haha Keiyuu so cute X3

BUCK-TICK - Kagerou (Posted this b4 la)

Katy Perry - Hot n' Cold

Beyonce - If I were a Boy

(Lol I used to can't tell which is Beyonce and which is Tyra Banks)

Still have more de la, but forgot still have what song already =_=

X JAPAN and hide..!
X JAPAN March reunion concert live streaming is the best experience ever! And the Countdown Live! Althought me and my sis didn't watch it live, but we watch it in YouTube.. Toshi's voice..!! MORE GENG ALREADY!!

Hmm.. I just can say, X JAPAN and hide are the best!! FOREVERRR!!!!
WE ARE X!!!!!!!!!!


Chap 9 - Dream

Let's see..

When I was still in primary school, I wanna be an accountant 'cause can get money money =X
Since Standard 6, I wanna be a guitarist and hair stylist, because of Hisashi!
Then.. hmm.. I wanna be an image stylist..
Then.. wanna be a hairstylist and guitarist again, also accountant(MONEY =X)
Now.. guitarist, photographer..
But I'm gonna study illustration in college.. this is just for learning stuffs for me..
Seriously, I wanna be a guitarist..! I can't wait to save enough money and get myself an electric guitar! It's not going to be Fender or Gibson etc of course.. but at least I get an electric guitar.. and always practice it..

Hmm.. X JAPAN World Tour.. this IS really a DREAM..
But I'll still save money for it.. since the Bangkok tour had postpone =D Hope I'll get enought money too...


Chap 10 - Others

Let's see my past "lists"

2007 wish list
1. already have a camera, but now I want a DSLR!! LOL
2. Rebonded my hair last year but it SUX!! I want it to be like Miku's(AnCafe) hair but the fucking hairstylist...!! Lan si dao ah!! Damn no manners and dun have good customer service 1!! Made my hair so horrible until I became crazy when I went to school to have drama performance practice! Hate him!! Hate HAIR EXCHANGE(the saloon!)!!!
3. Erm.. I don't really care about these already =_+
4. This ah.. I think ok gua..?
5. I don't care about this already also
6. This too
7. Erm.. not anymore
8. ... This is only with Milkygreen =__+||| It's still the same..
9. LOL I am tall now.. I was 162cm in 2006.. 2007 168.. now.. 170/170++ =_=|||
10. This.. haih.. Sejarah and Akaun.. FAIL.. BM.. haih..
11. Still stubborn la me.. not stubborn like before..
12. No.. WAIT!! I did knitted a scarf and a snowhat for my hide doll! :3 But.. doesn't count la..
13. No.. I didn't knit for me.. I knitted for my hide doll =___+|||

2008 Wish List (many impossible 1 la..)
1. Lol
2. Haih..
3. I did study hard :3
4. Lol
5. I didn't buy it.. my sis bought it for me :3 But.. I WANT MOREEE!!!
6. Hmm..
7. Until now still dun have..
8. No.. No HK concert.. Bangkok is enough.. and.. HK concert is in this January 17... =(

I haven't wrote my 2009 Wish List, but..


Haha! Gila!!
Hmm.. That Dasein Trial Class I already dun want go already la..

When I got my salary, I'm gonna buy Mugongeki first!! Then X JAPAN Memorial PhotoAlbum and Rose&Blood Photobook!
Intruments.. Hmm.. Bass become No.2 la! FERNANDES MG Series become No.3, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster No.5 la..
Cosmetics.. Hmm.. actually not just cosmetics la.. Oh ya! I forgot to write Platinum Egoiste fragnance! And fake eye lashes! Hurm hurm..
Save.. Hmm..

Ok end of list!

Now.. Me!

I still can't believe after a few months, I'm gonna be 18!! GAAA!!!

Now working in SEED.. Hmm..

Hmm.. I'm still have a lot of different sides and attitude and personalities..


Dunno what to write already...



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阿仔 said...

*wow~~~I dint ever plan my wish list before, maybe one year I will do that, thanks for the sharing~

all the best in 2009, see you soon at Dasein, hope I can see you before I gradute la~ :D