Saturday, January 3, 2009

Became gila again.

I mean, just yesterday only la.

SEED had a new full-timer this month, and everyone like.. didn't bother me already! And I'm pissed!
They taught them a lot of things already eventhough it's that new staff's second day, and dunno why they can communicate with the staff (or should I say, the staff can communicate with the others) happily!! I mean.. he's not that talkative, why they can talk happily!? And they didn't even teach me that many things when I came!! GAAA!!

I'm so "beh song" that new staff that day!! And beh song the others too!!

I know I think too much.. but I can't control it ok.. =_= Just as usual, I hate/don't like ppl treating me like I'm invisble.. or make me felt myself invisible etc

I hate it very much! And I beh tahan until cry! Of course others can't see it 'cause I kept act like nothing happened and rush into the staff room and use tissue to absorb my fucking tears etc.. Damn hate it!

Then when I went out of the staff room, XingLing is in SEED!! Damn shocked me!! And made me wanna cry more!! Fuuu!!
I kept looking at her without saying anything 'cause I can't talk! If I talk I'll cry more!! I kept trying to use eye contact to tell her I got problem, but she can't get it Lol! Then I think she suddenly noticed I've got tears (OHH!! TEARS!!<--got three link/performance LOL WE ARE X!!!) in my eyes, then she asked what's wrong with me with shock (Lol).. Then I asked her to act like she seem nothing.. so swt..

But thanks for visiting me Keroro =) Oh ya! Not only XingLing visited me yesterday! PeiTing and ahBoy also visited me! =3 Oh! And Yvonne visited me 1st Jan 09! LOL!

Hmm.. damn hate myself for always having these kind of thoughts!

Now when I think again.. That new staff is a FULL-timer, I'm just a part-timer mar.. of course he has to learn more stuffs than me la..

Today I tried to communicate with that new staff.. He used to be a Setapak High's Form 6 student!! (Deng.. smart student lor..?) And studied in TARC b4 etc.. He's ok, quite talkative, but I still dun like him =_+ (and he's shorter than me! eh wait.. I'm the tallest in SEED anyway =_=")

Yeah! Tomorrow day off! 'cause going to Melaka to attend my cousin's wedding!

The End!


阿仔 said...

*cheer up girl , you are the best~
I think maybe he leng zaii gua? isn't? hahaha~~~

take care :D

KaedE said...

walau eh! no no.. he's not lengzai.. and he's short..
(so bad la me, say other ppl's bad thing =X)