Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year!

YES!!! Finally get to update this stupid blog!!! GAAHHH!!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! It's the 6th day of Chinese New Year!! LOL already near to the end of CNY!!

Hmm.. what to post? Gonna separate into a few "groups"/"sub topic" etc again....... Nah..


Choi San and the Cadbury(?) elephant wearing choi san clothes walking around in JJ!

Before talking about CNY...
Let's talk about Shiseido....?!

My dad bought some stuffs from Shiseido for my mum as New Year present.. and the Shiseido person gave me and my sis some samples etc..

2 days later that person called, asked whether me and my sis are free to do some facial check up or dunno what thing la! My sis was still sleeping.. so I went to meet that person during my break time..

Waited for more then half hour, 'cause she's serving another customer.. so she just help me remove my make up then dunno do what then help me make up again.. which I dun like it!! 'cause my face look damn white!! I faster went to the toilet and rub it!! (so sorry to that person..!)

She asked me to meet her again the next 2 days...

Remove make up etc...


This is the first time I let ppl do my face! So comfy when she helped me massage my fat and round face!! (also very paiseh 'cause my face damn many pimples......)

*back home*

See the left 1!! Very white lor!! The right 1 can't really tell the difference!!
If you see the real thing or you know me sure think very white lor my face!!


Oh ya! I got my salary on 15th!

Five only =(

Not many.. jusy 500+ =( Whatever la!


CNY clothes!!

Guess when did I finally bought my CNY clothes?? Jan 24 = two days before CNY +_+|||

Before bought those clothes, me and my sis did try fitting some clothes.. but I didn't buy 'cause damn expensive (for me la)..

At JJ's Applemint

I love this clothes.. but.. expensive.. and I seldom wear leh..


On 24 Jan I was having day-off, so finally get to go shopping with my family!
We went to KLCC's Isetan & Parkson.. but didn't buy anything too.. 'cause.. same reason..

KLCC's SEED in Isetan.. the top on which the manequin wore.. same with one of the manequin in the SEED shop which I work in.. =X
It's so weird/funny to see the same clothings you see everyday at a different place.. It was like.. I know those clothes.....? ugh dunno how to describe!! Lol! But there's some of the stocks we dun have in our shop, and some stocks we already.. er.. "ignore"(?) them..? (dunno how to describe again..)

Later after we took our lunch... went to Kxxxxxxxxx(lol!!) of course!!!
And guess what...?

Spoted two items me and my sis wanted!!! FUCK MUST BUYYYYY!!!!!


We went to Setiawangsa's new JJ...

I bought this :3
And you know what? It's a dress.. for PREGANT WOMEN!! Lol!!
Bought another pregnant woman dress but didnt take the pic..

I like this top too, but.. EXPENSIVE LOR!!! VOIR brand de!!!

CNY eve! dunno why not many firework this time.. =(

CNY Day 1.. Went to my grandma's(dad's mum) house first just like every year.. but we just visited 2 grand uncles' houses, 'cause the others.. erm.. past away.. hmm..

Dunno why suddenly do the Sailormoon pose =_=|||

Yay! My Tsukasa + KitKat~ ^w^ (paiseh didnt focus to Tsukasa but the KitKat =.=)

This!! Our.. er.. dunno what cousin(my grand uncle's son's son.. lol).. damn cute lor!!!
Dunno why IT(I said cute "stuffs" as "it":3) reminds me of Keiyuu(from Kra)!!
And it'elder sis also cute! I mean.. very princess-ish! X3


Journey back home! Damn pretty the circle!!

CNY Day 2 went back to grandma's house(mum's mum) at Muar.. dun hav pic.. but..

We played UNO cards! Lol!!

See the weird one who wore white shirt with red+black? Most of us dun like him! 'cause.. aiyah if you're one of the family you'll know!!
We kept wanna make him lose the game! See those two kids? Those are our cute cousins :3
What they're doing? Trying to take the photo of that person's cards(so that we can make him lose LOL)!!


!!! (LOL)

Very sohi lor him!! My dad told us about what he said that day!! Guess what he said??!!!

"Grandma already not here, why we still come back?"

DIU LAA!!! Dun scold bad words also cannot!! 'Cause really du lan what he said!!!

Grandma is not here already, SO WHAT??!!! You dun wan come then go home la!! Just few steps only mar!! Your house so near!!! No one wants to see you also!!! BRAINLESS PEOPLE WHO TALKS CRAP!!!



Anyway, look at this!!



SEE!!! RM20.00!!! GILA LOR!!!
Now become bargain already!! So bad!! They didn't respect X JAPAN!!!

My sis very du lan 'cause she bought it for RM100++!!

Thank God I brought RM20 that day!! But after I bought it, I only remember..
those RM20 are my allowance for me to buy food during break time at work...

Oh well! At least I got it!! Hmm hmmp!! The end!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Note: If you don't wanna read this post you can go away now






...... Me want X... =(


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Went to my high school yesterday to see their clubs and societies' co-curriculum orientation thingy..!

So nervous 'cause didn't go to ChongHwa for a month already! And worried+scare those teacher like PN LAU will stop me from stepping into the school..!

But I saw PeiTing! So I walk into the school together with her.. then we go to 5e9(which now called as Bilik ko-kurikulum =___+)!

I kept smiling/laughing like a crazy person 'cause dunno why I felt excited -.-" Gila..|||

My drama juniors!!! They become Form 2 already! But their sizes still so tiny!! X_X

XingLing! Now she's the leader!!

Me?? Already graduated from high school for a month!! SO FAST!!!!


From left: PeiTing, SzeYang, QiaoXin, ahKang, QingWen
They're going to perform soon!

This is PBSM's performance.. non-related to us, but I think it's kinda funny so I took their pics!

Rescuing pregnant lady



So realistic! But just the blood! 'cause the girl who act as the pregnant lady.. her yelling voice sound very fake..||| She scream like a fangirl..! =X


That paper!! I recognize it! 'cause that's my masterpiece I did LAST YEAR!!! And it's ugly but they think its nice =.=|||

Yay.. the end.. boring... =X

I spot DSLR!!!

So horror to walk around in the hall, 'cause... most of the people are Form 1 or remove class = short.. Me = tall = EVERYONE CAN SEE ME =___=|||||||||

Chinese Society's "board" thingy


This is KRS's performance.. same as always

*this is a girl

*ran up to the third floor to snap the hall's pic*
Those with pink colour shirt are drama members Lol

-back to 5e9-

Took this pic because... the blue+yellow thing looks like hide's Rocket Dive outfit.. =X

They're having meeting with our drama teacher

Hmm.. before this, me and another 3 junior(actually just 2 only).. kept fangirling..||||||||
Me - X freak, QiaoXin - Gazette fan, MeiYan(shit!! there's two MeiYan!! oh.. whatever..) - AliceNine fan..
Then they said they didn't heard of X JAPAN before, I suddenly say "Hoiyo! For them X JAPAN is GOD!!!!"......||||| I didn't meant to say the "god" word.. actually I want to say something like senpai or high status.. but....|||||||

Later I browse MeiYan's phone see whether got songs that I like... Oh ya! We all like Gazette's Silly God Disco! Hmm.. got SID's Otegami~ And Katy Perry's Hot N Cold! Fuuu~

After they finished the meeting etc, we went to Cannes~
(actually they didnt plan to yamcha etc.. but I want =X)




Both of these two, I always order them.. my fav in Cannes~♥
And you know what? There's 40% off on each food/beverage!! LUCKY!
The things I order.. RM9.90+RM7=RM16.90=RM17!!
But after discount.... =D


Saw this doctor's pic in the news paper.. But i just wanna say..
his eye looks like wearing black eyeshadow.. like jrock-ish.. so yeng..||||


Cut my own hair again the day before yesterday!

I look like a guy =_=

This is not exactly what it looks like.. I didn't dye my hair, just play with colour hair gel and straighten my hair with hair straightener =_____+"

Last time bored with short fringe so I didn't cut it, now bored with long fringe again so I cut it..


X JAPAN... Hong Kong Live....!!!


Last night, my sis was chatting with her Malaysian X freak net friend.. That net friend's friend went to the live and her friend let her(sis' net friend) to listen the live through the phone!! Then the net friend asked for my sis' phone num so that she can let my sis to listen...!!
Then she called!! My sis pick up the phone and both of us listen....
I heard the fans screaming
There's some melody
I heard Toshi's voice...!!!!!! performing Art Of Life!!!!!

My tears just burst out immediately...!!! I mean... I'm listening to X JAPAN's live for a few seconds.. THROUGH THE PHONE!!!!!

It might sounds stupid for those who're not fangirls or fanboys etc.. but.. dwiohfeufje!!!! ARGGGHHH!!!!

When I heard it my tears burst out and totally speechless...!! I'm actually listening to X JAPAN through the phone.. you know? those what audio signal or soundwave thingy etc..!! AHHHH!!! X____X

.....I still can't believe it...

I still can't believe they're "REALLL"!!!!