Thursday, December 18, 2008

What the..?!

I don't understand what day was yesterday, but met quite many ppl I know while in working!

First is YuWen(Arricson and YenTing's friend)..Then suddenly saw two people that looks familiar.. It's HuiShan! And.. XingLing! (Both my drama juniors)

It's JiaYi's birthday today (another drama junior) so they're in JJ celebrating her birthday.. Later I'll find them while I'm having a break.. So swt when they go away suddenly SzeYang passed by so they kept following him =.=|||
Later, another two person I know passed by.. At first I can't really recognize who're they, until I saw one of their hair =.=||| It's LihFeh!(classmate) And.. LihYeh..?! (her sis also my drama senior) I thought LihFeh was the only who had dyed her hair gold-ish! But.. LihYeh..?! I mean.. LihYeh's looks ok la.. But in Malaysia is weird..|||

Break time! Called them, they're at OldTown.. Ordered toast.. 'cause it's the cheapest.. =.= PeiTing was there too! (another drama junior which was older than me for a few months XD) When I arrived she just called me "dou yin"(director) =.=" I'm not a director already la.. ShowTime3 already ended a long time ago la..
I didn't talk a lot, but.. glad to have my break with them.. 'cause haven't seen them for a long time..!
Oh ya, I'm really embaressed because.. I look like a grown up sitting together with a bunch of young girls.. especially what I was wearing =.=" And still kept joking with them about the sisa-sisa of the toast =.= Damn paiseh..
But at least I'm happy =3

After break!

Hmm.. actually there's not much customers.. I dunno why.. Maybe because I'm there..! T___T"
Suddenly XingLing, HuiShan and PeiTing AND SzeYang come find me =_+||| So swt la.. After that they go away again..

Few minutes later.. SUDDENLY! AhKang and SOMEONE passed by..! (How come saw so many Milkygreen punya orang today?!) Guess who's that SOMEONE? It's my drama teacher!! Damn shocked when I saw him! What is he doing here?! He's not from setapak! He's from Cheras(I think? o__o?) What is he doing HERE?!
Later both of them go away already..

Few minutes later..(actually I dunno how many minutes later =.=) A group of people came in!! I kept holding my breath 'cause I wanna laugh! Milo(drama teacher), ahKang, XingLing, HuiShan, PeiTing and SzeYang(? is he there? o_o"), all of them came in! Shock me la!! Then Milo teacher kept teasing me! Kept asking the price, the price after discount, can try those shirt or not etc..! GRR!!! So horror! (LOL) Then he kept saying wanna make those folded clothes messy to make me fold those clothes again!! HAHA! =X Later they go away.. I think they're going to Vincci the find SzeYang..

It's so bored 'cause there's no customers.. And I'm having headache 'cause the air-cond is freakin' cold!! cold.. COLD!!!!! Cold until I wanted to faint! And my nose hurts!(too cold!)
I kept seeing those bunch of crazy people walking around(eh teacher.. you old liao la..), then they took the escalator to the second floor.. Maybe they're going to the arcade place..? (Noo!!! I wanna play Taiko!! I wanna play Kurenai! KURENAI DAAA!!!!)
Sob.. so sad and envy when I saw them walking around..! I wanna go too..! It's been a long time I didn't went out with them..! Hmm...

Ok! Continue!

Near to 8pm/9pm++, quite many customers already..
SUDDENLY(AGAIN!)!! My mum dad and sis came in!! And trying to act like normal customers!! LOL!! Then I followed them! (another staff was like "what the heck" when he saw me kept laughing/smiling =__+|||)
Then I asked my sis what the time now in Japanese.. she said dunno and asked my mum in Mandarin................. I asked you in Japanese because I dun want people think I kept wanting to go home la..! =________=||||||

Hmm.. Anyway, it's really happy 'cause so many people visited me yesterday! Especially Milkygreen 'cause they're crazy!


NOOOO!!! I WANT [[[THIS]]]!!!!


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