Monday, December 22, 2008

Random *yawn* (added)

1. Working in SEED *ADDED*

Hmm.. yesterday I worked morning shift.. And morning shift is GOOD!! 'cause not really tired and I can go home earlier..

The previous post I said that Milkygreen visited me while I'm working.. Well, guess what?
The next day, LihYeh and her friend came into SEED!! I thought the one I saw together with LihFeh was her! Thank God it's not! Her hair isn't yellowish but brown~ Fuu~ Then I saw QiShan and JunYuan! But they didn't saw me..

The next day after I finished my work, walk around in JJ with my dad and sis.. Went into MissT.. saw Fion(ex Milkygreen junior)!! Later went into Watson.. met PeiTing(her eye shadow damn scares me) and SiYang!! After they leave, JiaWei appeared!!

The NEXT day, QiuYan and QiuNi(juniors..) came into SEED with their family..

YESTERDAY, saw ahBoy(I dun wan put your link liao, you didn't pass by SEED)! But just like what I said, he didn't pass by SEED! GAAARRR!!

So swt la.. 5 days continuosly saw Milkygreen punya orang..

Oh ya! My auntie(babysitter) who used to look after me and my sis! She came into SEED too! So happy to see her! ^^ And after a few hours, her son came in.. He saw me but can't recognise me.. then he walked away =.=

Next, working in SEED.. Got some customers pissed me, and sure got customers make me pissed la..!
Few days ago, there're 2 customers made me pissed. One is a little girl another one is.. a girl who I'm not sure whether she's older or younger than me..
The little girl help her mum to ask for L size pants.. so I go and check in the computer.. Then she dunno what I'm doing, thinking that I dunno what's she saying, then she give me that lan si look and say "I want size L =.=".. Eh little girl, lan si for what?!! So small already so lan si! You want next time when you grow up kena belasah ah?! And you're not even cute!!

The other one, she and her friend also damn lan si!! And kept act like very elegant!
After they test those clothes and I asked them whether it's ok or not, they just handed me those clothes WITHOUT looking at me!! Eh where's your manners?!! Her friend quite pretty, but so damn lan si until not pretty at all!! And her? While walking still want catwalk punya!! And her bodyline not slim not nice also, same like me 1 (stomach not even flat!) still want wear those cut-in singlet tanktop(that clothes she wore is UGLY)!! Wear jeans and a elegant type of bag.. with sport shoes..! Still want act elegant and catwalk!!
I'm not saying crap or tidak malu or what.. But.. You know what? I'M MORE ELEGANT THAN HER AND MORE YENG THAN HER AND LOOK NICER THAN HER!! D= (LOL) I'm telling the truth ok?!! And I'm taller =D (Lol I dun like to be tall, but if some girl is taller than me, I will be sad.. If about same height and I'm taller, I'll be happy too! LOL "mao dun"!!)

Working in SEED can saw a lot of cute STUFFS too - BABIES and TOODLES!!! Met a lot cute ones!! >w< And this...

It's a Cadbury(did I spell it right?) chocolate elephant!!

AND!! You know what?!!


I'm very scared when I'm recording it 'cause it looks like coming towards me!
And it scared a baby until the baby cry!

7. 5A BBQ Gathering

Is tomorrow!! I can't wait! I hope it's going to be a happy gathering..??



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KaedE said...

u got see dao the elephant ah? or u see the video de?

ahboy said...

*I saw it, at big apple there mahh~~
it so funny, many children go and bit him, then he suddenly walk fast and try to scare them,hahaha~~~