Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not fun!

Wghh! Having a job as a promoter is not fun at all! D= (DUHH)

My leg hurts because of the shoes(not used to wear those "woman shoes" =_=), hand hurts because help customers to search for the clothes they want, which was in the pile of clothes like mountain, and dunno why got three wound on my left hand's fingers =.=" So lousy la me..!

I shivered the whole day! Because not used to there and the staffs..! They're nice, but I don't know them, and I'm not a talkative or aggressive person, so I just kept quite..|||

Most of the customer looks "scary" and "fierce"(I think I also look scary and fierce because I didn't have face expression 'cause my mind kept becoming blank D=).. but there's a few customer also very cute and funny! Haha!

Hmm.. It's very "scary" when I'm at the counter.. 'cause I dunno how to use the cashier thingy and those customers kept wanting to pay for their clothes.. WGHH!!
And! When the customers OR the staffs asked me something, I'll become blank too!! And kept asking them to repeat again and again 'cause blank already + my hearing is lousy..

Oh ya SzeYang also work today in Vincci, dunno he got saw me or not? Lol.

Uff! Have to work hard tomorrow! Hmm.. hope everything would be ok..
Have to wear make up ahh! So weird 'cause not used to it..
Oh ya! And I don't have work on hide's birthday!! WOHOO~!

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