Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NHK Tokyo Kawaii★TV

Tokyo Kawaii★TV is a Japanese TV show which is all about Japanese fashion~
If you guys have ASTRO and have NHK (ch 963) you guys can watch it every Monday 24:00++ (which is on Tuesday 00:00++)

This is the episode few days ago! This episode, they invited several people (not Japanese) with different fashion style and test their knowledge about Japanese fashion!

WATCH!! (or else please leave la)

This YouTube video was actually posted by one of the "contestant", the one who represent VK and Gothic fashion with the silver hair! So cool!

Thankfully me and my sis watched this episode (we always forgot to watch =.=)! 'Cause there's one part of the show have many X JAPAN cosplayers! (well most of them cosplayed hide of course~♥) So many X Freaks! And we kept asking the one who kept blocking the screen(in the TV) to go away 'cause we want to see the person's shirt that has members of X JAPAN printed on that shirt! LOL!
Damn shock and syok leh! HAHA!

This is another episode(first part only), I didn't watch it before..
But it's about Gothic & Lolita~♥

(I wonder why these days everyday I have so many crap to post =.=")

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