Monday, December 15, 2008

Hisashi LOVE!! X3

Not going to talk about hide or X right now...

Saw this from musicJAPANplus


The Blue Man group, popular percussion performers from New York City, have performed all over the world. Last year they collaborated with guitarist ROLLY for what they called "Day of Rock", on June 9th, 2008.

This year, on December 12th, they had their special "Day of Rock" and featured HISASHI, of GLAY. HISASHI joined the group for a performance of the song "TIME TO START", but there was apparently also a special performance of GLAY's popular song "HOWEVER", for which he also played guitar.

If only HISASHI had still had his blue hair, they could have matched! (Except for the hair part...)

(original source HERE)

Later I search in YouTube see whether got this performance or not..



Talking about Hisa, few days ago dunno why my sis search for Princess Princess in Wikipedia.. Oh ya! I remember now!

We're watching last year's Music Station Age uta + naki uta 100x2! And got Princess Princess in the chart, and they dressed up funny.. I mean, colourful dress la.. Then my sis told me they're actually very yeng 1.. So.. we search in YouTube and Wiki~
Can't find the performance but this is the song:

Searched in wiki to see when did they disbanded etc.. When I look at the band members' name, I noticed something...
"Kanako Nakayama"
!!! Isn't that Hisa's idol?!! Shocked us la! (and my "Nakamura Kaede" name is came from "Nakayama Kanako" + "Tonomura Hisashi" LOL)
(AND!! Her age is same with hide! 1964! But she's November, hide is December!)

Faster go search in YouTube!

Kanako is the guitarist that kept running around etc! So cool! No wonder Hisa loves her!

She had her own band after Princess Princess named Voodoo Hawaiians (err..?)
They have Myspace official site! Kanako is so cool!
Here's one of their performance

I think the lyrics is funny Lol

Now I kept searching for Princess Princess' performance!

These two are from their LAST LIVE (Lol also call "Last Live"!)

(Lol the user didnt revealed the embed link)
WOO!!! Kanako is so cool!! And dunno why got a bit feels like hide O_o|||
Seriously.. I've never seen such a girl rock band! Kakoii!!! X3

Dunno why when I watch this I cried.. Maybe because of "disband"..?

.... Another band that I think is great.. But disbanded for so long already.. even earlier than X..!
I wonder will they reunion? 'cause.. X JAPAN also reunion, SPEED reunion, even Spice Girls reunion! I also hope ZONE reunion too..!


NEXT!! Non-related 1!
I really love their song "Kagerou"! It's the ending theme of the anime xxxHolic~!

Really love his voice too!

Sigh.. why do people from the 80s can create such nice songs and have such special voice..?
Nowadays those music/songs are kinda same.. so is their vocal..

If only I'm from those days.. Maybe I can be like them too..!? =D LOL

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