Saturday, December 13, 2008

♥Happy Birthday to hide♥ *added*


Wow I loved hide for more than a year already!
Well for other hide fans, it's not really a big deal.. But I just started becoming a hide and X freak last year what!

Hmm.. in primary school I used to be a Faye Wong fan (=.="), then I dun listen to chinese songs already became M2M and NSYNC fan, listen to english songs only..
Then started to listen to Japanese songs ONLY when I was standard 6, love GLAY 'cause influence by my sis and her frens.. In love with Hisashi 'cause he's so cute and cool! X3 =X

Love guitar and wanted to be a guitarist when I was standard 6 'cause influence by Hisa~♥ Dreamed to become a hair stylist too so that I can join
FatsBerry(Hisashi official hairstyling team etc), maybe got chance to help Hisa style his hair!! (but of course it's impossible =.=)

Join guitar club in secondary school form 1, but the teacher teach very slow so quit in October.. Then I never touch my acoustic guitar anymore (got la, but just a few times..)

Then form 2 ♥ w-inds. (Keita!), but still ♥ Hisashi of course.. *swt*
. . .

Last year November found out hide, and he made me wanted to play guitar again! So started to search for some guitar tabs etc =3 Online everyday just to go to YouTube and search for hide's videos or search for things related to him etc.. Just in a month already know most of the things about him! So crazy!
Before I really like hide and don't really know him, I find it very weird 'cause I dunno why those fans' comments will said that hide is cute etc, I think he's weird 'cause he looks cool and doesn't fit to do stupid things or moves! And his "hide no heya"! So hentai 'cause always go hadaka onna!! But now used to it already =D He IS cute! and cool! and funny! and nice! Even saved a girl! But.. couldn't save himself..

Hmm.. when I haven't like hide or X JAPAN I didn't really thought about buying all the things which related to them.. But now, I wanna buy ALL the things related to hide and X! (So is GLAY!!)

Really think that he's a really nice guy! Why would such a person just die like that!! D=

Anyway, it's his birthday today! I wonder how's the 「MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008★ feat.hide Birthday Party!」! I wanna goooo!! D=

Hmm.. Wanted to go desa there to buy a cake for hide, but.. IT'S RAINING!! SOBBB!!!

Happy Birthday to hide!!

(I just wanna put 2 or 3 hide's pic, but.. So hard to choose!! 'cause too many!! In the end it ended up like this =_=")



YAY!! Cake for hide!!


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