Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End of SPM



Well actually there's no feeling about it.. just felt weird 'cause I don't have to study anymore.. and it's weird 'cause my parents didn't ask me to stop playing computer..

*my exam classroom

Hmm.. finished my last paper yesterday - ACCOUNTS..
Still the same.. I dunno how to solve those questions.. but I did finished those document things..
Hope I'll get some marks from there and get a pass...

*my seat (ignore those writtings on the wall.. childish students wrote those..)

Some of my classmates were going to watch movie today as celebration/last meet up.. then they changed to have lunch after the exam..
They didn't ask me whether I wanna go too.. That makes me really sad.. But maybe it's because I said I don't wanna go watch movie last time.. and I always said that I wanna save money, don't wanna spend too much money.. Serves me right, right?
But can't they at least ask..?
I mean.. They've changed the plan.. they're not going to watch movie(which I'm not interested with it..).. and this is the last time for all of us to be together before we leave this school...
Can't they just ask...?

I hate these kind of situation 'cause I'll think negatively.. Like.. "Maybe they don't want me to be there..?" or "Should I tell them I wanna go too..? Nah.. they didn't ask me.. maybe they don't want me to be there.." or other things.. well I'm not so active like them.. so.. who knows..?

I didn't speak too much just because of this.. became no mood because of this..

I really don't like people to treat me as invisible.. but sometimes/MOST of the time it's my own problem.. I care too much of these.. Sometimes they didn't actually treat me as invisible but I'll be thinking that they're treating me like that.. thought that they don't wanna bother me but actually I'm the one who think too much about them and don't wanna bother them first..
Just like when I was Form 3.. felt so stupid when I thought about it..! SUCKS!!!

While having exam I was still thinking about that... became a bit angry (I'm a hot-tempered person but won't burst and scold ppl.. but this kind of ppl is scary right..? 'cause later can't take all the pressure anymore later crazy until kill ppl...? o__o||||)
But tried to think positive stuffs etc to make myself better again.. Like.. If I didn't go, I can save money or can online at home or can sleep etc etc..
Oh ya I can't sleep at the night before the exam, means I just slept for 2~3 hrs.. this also made my mood bad.. hmm.. kept thinking about money... LOL!!

*my room/"store room"? o__o"

Hm.. finally don't have to study anymore! I wonder when will I start to clear up all these crap!

Self-prepared notes to study for SPM!! Colours~~

This is how I memorize those "nilai-nilai moral"

Can you figure out what am I writing?? Lol

Hm hmm~~ I didn't had a great time with my classmates/ in school.. but I still had a great time with my family though!

Went to Jusco to find some promoter jobs.. just went interview in just 1 store - PDI.. Lol..
My friend said that their salary quite nice etc.. Hmm.. but those promoters looks too serious!! Even my friend who worked there didn't smile back at me when I smile at her!! SO SAD!!! (and a bit embarased because the other promoter saw that I smiling at myself and might be thinking that I'm crazy or something..|||)
Went to the counter and asked whether they had vacancy for full-timers.. And that person gave me the form..! Does it mean I got it?

Anyway.. that person at the counter.. I think is the supervisor? She looks kinda fierce and strict and serious!! Scares me a bit! And those other SERIOUS promoters... o___o"
I thought it's going to be like my sis last time when she work in Comma..! Her Comma friends are crazy and NOT serious! AT ALL!! Not like the PDI ones... maybe it's because their company is huge..?? Hmm...

After finished the form, that person said that there's a new employee today and they still have to do some other stuffs, so they'll call me few days later.. =( After that I kept thinking.. didn't I wrote my contact number correctly..? o___o" I can't remember!! I always afraid that I'll wrote those important things wrongly, like while I'm having SPM these days, I'm really scare that I'll wrote my IC no. and the cod no. etc wrongly!! If I did, what am I suppose to do?!?! o____O||||

Oh ya, after that, we bought our umbrella~♥
This is mine! Looks so psychedelic! Just like hide!! ♥

We went window shopping~! Saw many nice clothes~ and shoes! HIGH HEELS!!
Lol.. I wonder what would my friends react when they know/saw that I actually like those high heels and those girl clothings... 'cause for them, I'm just a "guy" =.= They just see my as a person who was very "man" and cool.. especially because of my height.. that's really sad.. That's one of the reason I don't want to be tall...!!
Hmm.. anyway, window shopping is fun! (for "poor people" like us..|||)

Went to check our eyesight with our dad at night!!

This is my result...

50 degree!! The last time I checked was 20++!!! T_T||||||

This is the flyer of TARC's Chinese Society Drama Club's stage performance!
Didn't plan to go 'cause I'm broke..




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