Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dream too much

About the X JAPAN world tour.. I dream too much about it..!
Me and my sis decided not to go to the concert.. 'cause we know that it's impossible for us to go.. We don't have that much money..
I don't even have enough money for me to go college..! I don't even know whether I get to go for college!

I really wish to see all the member of X JAPAN and also the fans.. wish to do the "X jump" and sing Endless Rain or other songs together with all of them.. But.. The future is more important..!
Taiwan tour.. RM2000++ just for the air ticket..! Thailand just about RM500++.. but also need to stay there, buy the concert ticket, concert merchandies, eat etc.. already more than RM1000 near to RM2000! How can we find so much money in just a few months/less than a month!?

RM2000 just for air ticket.. RM2000 I already can buy all of X JAPAN and hide's albums, singles and videos..! And magazines, photobook etc..

Even I did went to the concert, although I get to see the real Yoshiki, the real Toshi, the real Pata and the real Heath.. But I also can't see the REAL hide, just can see the hologram hide and the hide videos from The Last Live or Dahlia Final Tour.. The REAL hide is not here anymore...

(these are just for letting me to being not that sad that I can't go =__=|||)


Anyway, later I'm going to work! First day of work as a promoter! The first time I got a job! So nervous!! WGWHGWHGHHHH!!!


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