Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day off!!

Heh! It's hide's birthday! and I'm having day off!!

Anyway, let's talk about these few days of my work in SEED!!

It's quite ok already 'cause it's already 4 days I worked there~

*This is for me to take note about what and how much I spend etc!

There're total 7 staffs including me! All of them are nice and funny~ =D
But of course I still dun really dare to talk to them because....1.have to speak cantonese 2.have to speak malay...
I'm not fluent in both of them!! Malay.. I speak chinese with my Malay classmates, so it's really hard to speak in Malay..!! Cantonese.. WGHH!!

* My Tsukasa phone strap~ X3

Kinda use to this job already, fold shirts, serve customers etc.. Fold shirt can fold until cannot stop folding =.=" Serve customers.. sometimes it's kinda hard 'cause I can't listen clearly what they asked for..! So I have to "Har??" a few times..! Made some of the customer pissed.. D=

*Mr Bread's Ham and Cheese bread SUX!!!

But of course sometimes it's also fun to serve the customers because some of them is very funny!
And you know what? Mostly the friendly ones are NOT CHINESE, but Malays or Indians! Made me pissed lor! So lan si for what?! (but of course also got some friendly Chinese la..)

* Lol damn long time no camwhore

Sometimes it's kinda fun anyway~ to do all those work..

*The ceiling and the stocks in the staff room

Yesterday before I go to work, my mum brought me to buy shoes, again.

*In Jusco of course, 'cause I can just walk to work after buying the shoes!

Felt better after changing the shoes which I wore before this! My leg hurt like crap these days because of the shoes!

Our supervisor(I think? Her position is the highest la) treated us 2 pieces of Big Apple Donuts each! Because it's her birthday yesterday!
Didn't get to wish her Happy Birthday 'cause I didn't knew that she went home already.......

These 2 pairs of shoes! Bought them because of work!
The one I wore before changing was the right ones! Hurt my leg like crap!
The new one is the one on the left!

Oh ya! suddenly remember while working last night, saw an Indian girl standing at the entrance there looking at me.. I also look at her and felt very familiar! Then we both "!!!?"!! Then she walk in and asked me "XX(my name lol) ah??" So shock!!! 'cause that's one of my best friend in primary school!!
Damn long time no see lor! The last time is take UPSR result!! UPSR leh!! So shock!
She speak in english.. I want speak Chinese leh.. maybe she study in Malay school already long time didn't speak in Chinese..? Aiyah dunno la!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO hide!! (next entry!)

-T H E E N D-

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