Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dasein Mail!


*front (lol)


Huhu~ I wonder what Dasein sent!


*a hand..?

Application form and a booklet!

To those who discriminates ART students, LOOK and READ the UNDERLINED sentence.

Darn hate those ppl who discriminates art.. just like those ppl who discriminates us ART class students and said that ART has no future, ppl who study ART are craps(in my school, yes..?) etc.. say ART not important..
Art not important? DON'T WEAR CLOTHES LA!! Don't buy cars don't buy houses don't buy accessories etc etc la!!

* hide's favourite - EYEBALLS!! o___o"

*Poor MonaLisa became like this..


Hmm.. At first wanna choose Fine Art.. Want to choose it because I kinda love those creation and masterpiece which looks weird but actually got meaning inside.. =D But I dun like Picasso(did I spell it right?)'s drawing D=
Then last time Milkygreen Gathering I asked ahBoy if smell too much those oil paint etc stuffs will die or not, he say yes!! (I'm afraid to die ok..?) So choose Illustration lor..

After I read that booklet.. CEH!! I thought Fine Art will learn those sculpture thing but there got many Oil Painting! =( I want make sculpture!! And I want to play those clay!! D=

Sooo... YAY to ILLUSTRATION!! Got sketching and drawing those leh.. Good... =w=
And got learn those water colour etc.. can ask my mum guide me also.. Mmm.. good... ~w~

But now lack of money.. Not even sure can study start from April..
Planned to take the one month trial class in Feb~March too, but... hmm..
Now have to save money for college.. X JAPAN...? Hmm..

Anyway, can't wait to start the classes (although I haven't apply yet =_=")! Yay! Can learn PHOTOGRAPHY!! I love photography! But later dunno got enough money to buy those dslr camera or not... =__+|||| Hmm.. free laptop.. I wonder if it's true or not..? If it's true then my mum no need to spend money to buy a new PC for me..

Hmm.. I wonder if there's anyone from my class will study there? I know Yenting will study there lor, but dunno Banzhang and CBJ them will study there or not..?


Fuuu~ Finally started to clear up my rubbish in my room!!

These are the sejarah notes I prepared myself before my sejarah test start from November! About.. less than 10 days! Looks little but actually got many!!

Hmm.. my sejarah test... paper two.. My sejarah tuition teacher got spot those questions for us.. Most of them got keluar in the paper.. I did studied.. but... I can't memorize all of them..! But I wrote a lot though! Especially the Jahiliah question! Damn easy! Just write them no moral etc then can already!
Haih dunno why always got Jahiliah's questions in SPM!! Easy lah!

These are my tuition notes and school's exercise notes+exercises and a few of text books that belongs to my sis when she was Form 5..

Talking about text books.. Start from this year everyone doesn't have to buy text books because the government provided every school free text books so we can borrow them through SPBT..

Those text books.. I'm not sure for other classes, but for my class, we didn't use any text books at all.. Sejarah text book got use a few times.. others.. Hmm.. computer text books lor.. but one or two times only, 'cause can borrow from our computer teacher..

Yay! Cleared the part of the table that I used to put my school books and exercises!!
Those on the right.. all rubbish.. but those are the rubbish I want.. HEH. <_<"


Oh ya, tonight TARC's Chinese Society Drama Club is having stage performance! Wish them luck~ -The End-


ahbooy said...

還有你不需要擔心你會要選什麽科目,因為一開始還沒那么快major的,等幾個sem后才進入major,那是有major talk,然後才選。。。
告訴你啦。。。。fine art 油畫死,graphic deisgn “想”到死,illustration 畫到死,animation對電腦到死
GD和illus才有free laptop,不過你必須要讀完dasein的課程那個laptop才真正屬於你
以後我們可以見面了,開心 XD


KaedE said...

蛤~过后才能拿laptop啊~~? =X
蛤.. 我要睡死 =__+"

做么酱乱的.. =_=
奖学金又怎样弄哦? @#$%^$@


p/s: 哈哈 我就知道你又要讲我有没有tag你!

ahbooy said...


KaedE said...

er.. 就是讲,你apply了后,一进校门开学的时候是foundation啊?

连小凤 said...

the only thing i can assure you..

illustration is not a booming business here in Malaysia..^^; sad case like digital animation

if you really want to study fine arts its best to learn it overseas tho =)

KaedE said...

Hmm.. ok! Thx for the advise! ^^