Friday, December 5, 2008

8 days to hide's Birthday

8 day's left, and hide is going to be 44!! O_o|||

Hmm.. hide's new DVD [ALIVE!] had released on 3rd Dec.. Haih.. I WANT IT!! I want the limited edition 1.. or both.. OwO

Here's a hide Documentary in FujiTV's tv show 《新。温故知人》 on 2nd March.. I wanna watch it through KeyholeTV.. but... I MISSED IT!! And the show is damn early.. 7/8 am start.. I didn't expected that and.. I'm still sleeping..|||

Who want to watch then watch la, don't want watch then go away

Hahah hide was so fat!
Hmm.. I wonder why his younger brother will look old so early.. too much stress..? nice that he save that Mayuko's life.. D=
So geng that person act so many characters.. act hide, hide's dunno who, Mayuko and Mauyko's mum.. lol.. but.. I dunno most of what he's saying... just know that he rushed to the hospital etc.. he told Mayuko that he'll perform a song for her in the concert.. and.. HE GAVE MAYUKO HIS "EYEBALL RING"!!! WGHH!!!
Mayuko's mum said that Mayuko can't eat etc and can't believe that hide's dead... well.. Who would believe it..?! So sudden!
(Lol hide spelled "friend" as "fried"! =X)




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