Saturday, December 6, 2008

7 days

Huhu 7 days to hide birthday!

And look what's THIS!!!

Last time there's another one with hide as the front cover.. I WANT IT TOO!!
But didn't found it in Kino... T__T

And see this:

Heh! Knitted a hat and a scarf for my hide doll!! So cute! X3


Hmm.. few days ago I said that I went to PDI ask for a job.. waited for their call but they didn't call.. erm.. actually I think they did but I didn't heard it so I didn't pick it =X
My mum kept asking me to call back but I dun wan because I don't plan work there anymore.. They look mean..! =X

Planned to find a job in Pavilion.. I wanna work in Juicy Couture! Or TANGS!
Then suddenly Si Yang sms-ed me ask me whether I wanna work in Jusco's SEED..! Sooo... I went to ask!

Filled up those form and that EPF form already.. means I got it..? Now only wait for them to call to tell me when to start working..! (have to wait AGAIN...! T__T)
Part-time promoter.. I want full-time! But because I'm still going to study next April, so they dun let.. =( If want full-time must 1 year etc.. D=

Kinda scare 'cause this is the first time I got a job..! Wgh.. no Pavilion.. there got more money..! =X TANGS RM7 per hour..!! *whgghgh drools* LOL gila!

Hmm.. last time Yvonne did asked me whether I wanna work in her mum's office.. about RM900.. I say dun want.. haih.. I'm so TAMAK..! Few day later she told me is RM1000++.. haih.. See? Tamak la! Now so less only! So stupid!
Got job for me but I dun wan.. until now stil got no job.. serves me right =.=
*got a new lesson.. dun be tamak =.=*

Hmm.. can't wait to go to work! Nothing to do at home except online and watch TV and eat and sleep and read newspaper and wait for SEED to call and swaet like crap 'cause very hot right now I dunno why and read the Dasein application form+booklet again I dunno why and it's sooo boring!!


SEED just called! I'm gonna start working next Tuesday!! =D
So scary!!! D=

I want money =D


kim-chan said...

ganbatte kudasai on your job next week XDDDDDDDDDDD

KaedE said...

haha ok thx! XD