Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5A BBQ Gathering

Went to my class' (5A) BBQ Gathering at YenTing's condo there last night! (I was having day off~♥)

But!! Before the gathering!!
Check out the sky last evening during the journey!



See! Big red sun!! Dunno why I think it looks tasty! Haha!

Arrived there but they haven't start yet! Some of the people haven't arrive also..

Trying to put up fire but too less "arang"..|||

These are part of the food! We ate the fried meehun first 'cause the fire is not ready yet!

The Cat

Finally they put up the fire!

The flame looks kinda big right? Actually.. we kept adding PLANTA(margarine) into the flame to make the fire bigger! 'cause the fire was too small!!
I know it's very dangerous to play with fire.. even burnt the aluminium foil =.=" But this IS the FIRST TIME I actually "played" BBQ!! And it's really fun!! (adding the Planta.. which already became liquid-ish..)

This is mine! I tried to cut "X" on every meatballs.. but.. so hard to cut..
But it taste good!! =D so I cooked again after I finished! But the last time I cooked.. tasted horrible.. burn too much =.="


OK!! It's time!! For the CATS moment!!!



*Who are these people?!!*

BanZhang("class monitor" in chinese) VS The Cat

Ok no more!

Time for group pic!!

Because no one can help us take the group pic, so.. set self timer again!

*Test shot*

Group Pic Take 1

Guess where am I? ...
No need to guess.. I'm the one who has the ugliest+normal hair with OILY face..
(So lol 'cause I have to rush to my place 'cause I'm the one who click the camera button!)

Group Pic Take 2

Left to right
Upper: CBJ, YoonKwai, Onzai, Yvonne, WenChing, LihFeh, SuFong, SzeMun
Lower: XiXiang, HorYee(BanZhang/class monitor), ZiTong, YenTing....



Hmm.. I thought got what new stuffs about the hideMUSEUM flash.. But there's no difference =__=|||

Happy Xmas Eve!!

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