Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!! Merry Xmas!! (Why it's called "X"mas???)

Later I still have to go to work.. until 10:30pm!! FUUUU~~~

Half-composed another song again~ Next time only modify it~♥


It's Xmas!! My sis bought me present again!!

It's a notebook thingy! Not just any notebook..


but my hide doll is kioter :3


Came back from work!
So swt.. It's xmas but SEED already play CNY songs!
Well actually 27th Dec only can play, but Anna(asst.supervisor) don't care! Haha!

Hmm.. there's a bunch of ppl caroling in JJ just now.. I can see them, but can't really hear them 'cause our shop is playing CNY songs..|||



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5A BBQ Gathering

Went to my class' (5A) BBQ Gathering at YenTing's condo there last night! (I was having day off~♥)

But!! Before the gathering!!
Check out the sky last evening during the journey!



See! Big red sun!! Dunno why I think it looks tasty! Haha!

Arrived there but they haven't start yet! Some of the people haven't arrive also..

Trying to put up fire but too less "arang"..|||

These are part of the food! We ate the fried meehun first 'cause the fire is not ready yet!

The Cat

Finally they put up the fire!

The flame looks kinda big right? Actually.. we kept adding PLANTA(margarine) into the flame to make the fire bigger! 'cause the fire was too small!!
I know it's very dangerous to play with fire.. even burnt the aluminium foil =.=" But this IS the FIRST TIME I actually "played" BBQ!! And it's really fun!! (adding the Planta.. which already became liquid-ish..)

This is mine! I tried to cut "X" on every meatballs.. but.. so hard to cut..
But it taste good!! =D so I cooked again after I finished! But the last time I cooked.. tasted horrible.. burn too much =.="


OK!! It's time!! For the CATS moment!!!



*Who are these people?!!*

BanZhang("class monitor" in chinese) VS The Cat

Ok no more!

Time for group pic!!

Because no one can help us take the group pic, so.. set self timer again!

*Test shot*

Group Pic Take 1

Guess where am I? ...
No need to guess.. I'm the one who has the ugliest+normal hair with OILY face..
(So lol 'cause I have to rush to my place 'cause I'm the one who click the camera button!)

Group Pic Take 2

Left to right
Upper: CBJ, YoonKwai, Onzai, Yvonne, WenChing, LihFeh, SuFong, SzeMun
Lower: XiXiang, HorYee(BanZhang/class monitor), ZiTong, YenTing....



Hmm.. I thought got what new stuffs about the hideMUSEUM flash.. But there's no difference =__=|||

Happy Xmas Eve!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Random *yawn* (added)

1. Working in SEED *ADDED*

Hmm.. yesterday I worked morning shift.. And morning shift is GOOD!! 'cause not really tired and I can go home earlier..

The previous post I said that Milkygreen visited me while I'm working.. Well, guess what?
The next day, LihYeh and her friend came into SEED!! I thought the one I saw together with LihFeh was her! Thank God it's not! Her hair isn't yellowish but brown~ Fuu~ Then I saw QiShan and JunYuan! But they didn't saw me..

The next day after I finished my work, walk around in JJ with my dad and sis.. Went into MissT.. saw Fion(ex Milkygreen junior)!! Later went into Watson.. met PeiTing(her eye shadow damn scares me) and SiYang!! After they leave, JiaWei appeared!!

The NEXT day, QiuYan and QiuNi(juniors..) came into SEED with their family..

YESTERDAY, saw ahBoy(I dun wan put your link liao, you didn't pass by SEED)! But just like what I said, he didn't pass by SEED! GAAARRR!!

So swt la.. 5 days continuosly saw Milkygreen punya orang..

Oh ya! My auntie(babysitter) who used to look after me and my sis! She came into SEED too! So happy to see her! ^^ And after a few hours, her son came in.. He saw me but can't recognise me.. then he walked away =.=

Next, working in SEED.. Got some customers pissed me, and sure got customers make me pissed la..!
Few days ago, there're 2 customers made me pissed. One is a little girl another one is.. a girl who I'm not sure whether she's older or younger than me..
The little girl help her mum to ask for L size pants.. so I go and check in the computer.. Then she dunno what I'm doing, thinking that I dunno what's she saying, then she give me that lan si look and say "I want size L =.=".. Eh little girl, lan si for what?!! So small already so lan si! You want next time when you grow up kena belasah ah?! And you're not even cute!!

The other one, she and her friend also damn lan si!! And kept act like very elegant!
After they test those clothes and I asked them whether it's ok or not, they just handed me those clothes WITHOUT looking at me!! Eh where's your manners?!! Her friend quite pretty, but so damn lan si until not pretty at all!! And her? While walking still want catwalk punya!! And her bodyline not slim not nice also, same like me 1 (stomach not even flat!) still want wear those cut-in singlet tanktop(that clothes she wore is UGLY)!! Wear jeans and a elegant type of bag.. with sport shoes..! Still want act elegant and catwalk!!
I'm not saying crap or tidak malu or what.. But.. You know what? I'M MORE ELEGANT THAN HER AND MORE YENG THAN HER AND LOOK NICER THAN HER!! D= (LOL) I'm telling the truth ok?!! And I'm taller =D (Lol I dun like to be tall, but if some girl is taller than me, I will be sad.. If about same height and I'm taller, I'll be happy too! LOL "mao dun"!!)

Working in SEED can saw a lot of cute STUFFS too - BABIES and TOODLES!!! Met a lot cute ones!! >w< And this...

It's a Cadbury(did I spell it right?) chocolate elephant!!

AND!! You know what?!!


I'm very scared when I'm recording it 'cause it looks like coming towards me!
And it scared a baby until the baby cry!

7. 5A BBQ Gathering

Is tomorrow!! I can't wait! I hope it's going to be a happy gathering..??


Thursday, December 18, 2008

What the..?!

I don't understand what day was yesterday, but met quite many ppl I know while in working!

First is YuWen(Arricson and YenTing's friend)..Then suddenly saw two people that looks familiar.. It's HuiShan! And.. XingLing! (Both my drama juniors)

It's JiaYi's birthday today (another drama junior) so they're in JJ celebrating her birthday.. Later I'll find them while I'm having a break.. So swt when they go away suddenly SzeYang passed by so they kept following him =.=|||
Later, another two person I know passed by.. At first I can't really recognize who're they, until I saw one of their hair =.=||| It's LihFeh!(classmate) And.. LihYeh..?! (her sis also my drama senior) I thought LihFeh was the only who had dyed her hair gold-ish! But.. LihYeh..?! I mean.. LihYeh's looks ok la.. But in Malaysia is weird..|||

Break time! Called them, they're at OldTown.. Ordered toast.. 'cause it's the cheapest.. =.= PeiTing was there too! (another drama junior which was older than me for a few months XD) When I arrived she just called me "dou yin"(director) =.=" I'm not a director already la.. ShowTime3 already ended a long time ago la..
I didn't talk a lot, but.. glad to have my break with them.. 'cause haven't seen them for a long time..!
Oh ya, I'm really embaressed because.. I look like a grown up sitting together with a bunch of young girls.. especially what I was wearing =.=" And still kept joking with them about the sisa-sisa of the toast =.= Damn paiseh..
But at least I'm happy =3

After break!

Hmm.. actually there's not much customers.. I dunno why.. Maybe because I'm there..! T___T"
Suddenly XingLing, HuiShan and PeiTing AND SzeYang come find me =_+||| So swt la.. After that they go away again..

Few minutes later.. SUDDENLY! AhKang and SOMEONE passed by..! (How come saw so many Milkygreen punya orang today?!) Guess who's that SOMEONE? It's my drama teacher!! Damn shocked when I saw him! What is he doing here?! He's not from setapak! He's from Cheras(I think? o__o?) What is he doing HERE?!
Later both of them go away already..

Few minutes later..(actually I dunno how many minutes later =.=) A group of people came in!! I kept holding my breath 'cause I wanna laugh! Milo(drama teacher), ahKang, XingLing, HuiShan, PeiTing and SzeYang(? is he there? o_o"), all of them came in! Shock me la!! Then Milo teacher kept teasing me! Kept asking the price, the price after discount, can try those shirt or not etc..! GRR!!! So horror! (LOL) Then he kept saying wanna make those folded clothes messy to make me fold those clothes again!! HAHA! =X Later they go away.. I think they're going to Vincci the find SzeYang..

It's so bored 'cause there's no customers.. And I'm having headache 'cause the air-cond is freakin' cold!! cold.. COLD!!!!! Cold until I wanted to faint! And my nose hurts!(too cold!)
I kept seeing those bunch of crazy people walking around(eh teacher.. you old liao la..), then they took the escalator to the second floor.. Maybe they're going to the arcade place..? (Noo!!! I wanna play Taiko!! I wanna play Kurenai! KURENAI DAAA!!!!)
Sob.. so sad and envy when I saw them walking around..! I wanna go too..! It's been a long time I didn't went out with them..! Hmm...

Ok! Continue!

Near to 8pm/9pm++, quite many customers already..
SUDDENLY(AGAIN!)!! My mum dad and sis came in!! And trying to act like normal customers!! LOL!! Then I followed them! (another staff was like "what the heck" when he saw me kept laughing/smiling =__+|||)
Then I asked my sis what the time now in Japanese.. she said dunno and asked my mum in Mandarin................. I asked you in Japanese because I dun want people think I kept wanting to go home la..! =________=||||||

Hmm.. Anyway, it's really happy 'cause so many people visited me yesterday! Especially Milkygreen 'cause they're crazy!


NOOOO!!! I WANT [[[THIS]]]!!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NHK Tokyo Kawaii★TV

Tokyo Kawaii★TV is a Japanese TV show which is all about Japanese fashion~
If you guys have ASTRO and have NHK (ch 963) you guys can watch it every Monday 24:00++ (which is on Tuesday 00:00++)

This is the episode few days ago! This episode, they invited several people (not Japanese) with different fashion style and test their knowledge about Japanese fashion!

WATCH!! (or else please leave la)

This YouTube video was actually posted by one of the "contestant", the one who represent VK and Gothic fashion with the silver hair! So cool!

Thankfully me and my sis watched this episode (we always forgot to watch =.=)! 'Cause there's one part of the show have many X JAPAN cosplayers! (well most of them cosplayed hide of course~♥) So many X Freaks! And we kept asking the one who kept blocking the screen(in the TV) to go away 'cause we want to see the person's shirt that has members of X JAPAN printed on that shirt! LOL!
Damn shock and syok leh! HAHA!

This is another episode(first part only), I didn't watch it before..
But it's about Gothic & Lolita~♥

(I wonder why these days everyday I have so many crap to post =.=")

Tuesday, December 16, 2008






1 我很久没有上戏剧课,很久没有练体能,怕顶不顺 =.="
2 假期要做工,因为要赚钱去X JAPAN演唱会

不过现在都不能去XJAPAN的演唱会了~连读书的钱都没有,还要去玩?RM2000++我都可以还半个sem的学费了.. RM2000++我都可以买完他们的albums,singles etc!
现在做工赚的钱,除了自己的日常费用(吃),打算一些拿来买hide+XJAPAN的东西,一些就存来买electric guitar~其他的就存来读书~一个月差不多RM600罢了.. 存到多少?能供读书咩?但至少能供到一点啊..不想完全让妈妈一个人在那边烦这个东西..

联想起补习,因为做到晚上的时候很累了,一直很想睡!补习的时候很多次都打瞌睡啊!=X 尤其是去年每个拜五!因为每个拜五一上完戏剧课后就直接去补习了!刚练完体能了,哪里还有精神来补习?去年就一直这样,只顾戏剧不顾学业..现在akaun就一直failed =.= (不过还好有一些formula我还记得~)

嗯.. 我还记得去年在生活营早上起来要去刷牙etc的时候,周围的人走到很慢因为全身的muscle痛!我也是全身muscle痛,不过我走到很快,因为很爽!LOL变态!(不过这不代表我意志力强..我蛮容易放弃的..=.=) 上了戏剧课后,即使muslce有几痛都好都不觉得怎样,因为习惯了。
现在..?哼哼..差不多变回还没加入戏剧的我了!肩膀muslce痛还是哪里的muslce就叫爸爸妈妈或姐姐帮我按摩!(不要觉得我很衰酱来对我家人,我们一家人就是这样,感情都很好,你吹啊?LOL =X) 可是我姐姐都不理我的~!crap you!


阿铃,阿康,佩莉和伟峻同组!而且是给Milo老师教!Level4哦!如果我去,我会不会也是跟他们同组?我都那么就没练了 =。= 嗯..我,阿铃,佩莉和伟峻去年同组~佩莉和伟峻是别校的.. 最后一次见佩莉是看《TEATIME》的时候.. 伟峻就营后就没有再见到了.. 不知道他们怎样了..?
芯琳给Frankie老师教.. 也就是去年我的组的老师.. 唉.. 不要讲他了.. 都已经忘了我是谁.. =.=


不过自己都选择了不要去就算了咯~ 而且都过了~!
橘子营.. college生可以参与哦!而且家伟说,只要有兴趣就能参与!就是说不一定只是学着戏剧的人才能参与~!
明年我应该会参与呱..? 哎呀不懂啦!看那时的情况!


嗯..虽然之前为了毕业旅行而吵,但大家都是5A的.. 算了吧..

讲到毕业旅行,看到他们的照片.. 嗯.. 第一个看到的就是俐妃的头发..!吓到我!做么要这样....
很炸到咯.. 阿eng开了一个blog,只有两个post,两个都是毕业旅行的 =.="

不想去的原因.. 因为一直想到负面的东西..!而且.. 这个根本都不像5A毕业旅行.. 有外人的..
我们的班分开两批.. 两批都是有外人的.. 酱跟平常旅行有什么分别..



Monday, December 15, 2008

Hisashi LOVE!! X3

Not going to talk about hide or X right now...

Saw this from musicJAPANplus


The Blue Man group, popular percussion performers from New York City, have performed all over the world. Last year they collaborated with guitarist ROLLY for what they called "Day of Rock", on June 9th, 2008.

This year, on December 12th, they had their special "Day of Rock" and featured HISASHI, of GLAY. HISASHI joined the group for a performance of the song "TIME TO START", but there was apparently also a special performance of GLAY's popular song "HOWEVER", for which he also played guitar.

If only HISASHI had still had his blue hair, they could have matched! (Except for the hair part...)

(original source HERE)

Later I search in YouTube see whether got this performance or not..



Talking about Hisa, few days ago dunno why my sis search for Princess Princess in Wikipedia.. Oh ya! I remember now!

We're watching last year's Music Station Age uta + naki uta 100x2! And got Princess Princess in the chart, and they dressed up funny.. I mean, colourful dress la.. Then my sis told me they're actually very yeng 1.. So.. we search in YouTube and Wiki~
Can't find the performance but this is the song:

Searched in wiki to see when did they disbanded etc.. When I look at the band members' name, I noticed something...
"Kanako Nakayama"
!!! Isn't that Hisa's idol?!! Shocked us la! (and my "Nakamura Kaede" name is came from "Nakayama Kanako" + "Tonomura Hisashi" LOL)
(AND!! Her age is same with hide! 1964! But she's November, hide is December!)

Faster go search in YouTube!

Kanako is the guitarist that kept running around etc! So cool! No wonder Hisa loves her!

She had her own band after Princess Princess named Voodoo Hawaiians (err..?)
They have Myspace official site! Kanako is so cool!
Here's one of their performance

I think the lyrics is funny Lol

Now I kept searching for Princess Princess' performance!

These two are from their LAST LIVE (Lol also call "Last Live"!)

(Lol the user didnt revealed the embed link)
WOO!!! Kanako is so cool!! And dunno why got a bit feels like hide O_o|||
Seriously.. I've never seen such a girl rock band! Kakoii!!! X3

Dunno why when I watch this I cried.. Maybe because of "disband"..?

.... Another band that I think is great.. But disbanded for so long already.. even earlier than X..!
I wonder will they reunion? 'cause.. X JAPAN also reunion, SPEED reunion, even Spice Girls reunion! I also hope ZONE reunion too..!


NEXT!! Non-related 1!
I really love their song "Kagerou"! It's the ending theme of the anime xxxHolic~!

Really love his voice too!

Sigh.. why do people from the 80s can create such nice songs and have such special voice..?
Nowadays those music/songs are kinda same.. so is their vocal..

If only I'm from those days.. Maybe I can be like them too..!? =D LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

♥Happy Birthday to hide♥ *added*


Wow I loved hide for more than a year already!
Well for other hide fans, it's not really a big deal.. But I just started becoming a hide and X freak last year what!

Hmm.. in primary school I used to be a Faye Wong fan (=.="), then I dun listen to chinese songs already became M2M and NSYNC fan, listen to english songs only..
Then started to listen to Japanese songs ONLY when I was standard 6, love GLAY 'cause influence by my sis and her frens.. In love with Hisashi 'cause he's so cute and cool! X3 =X

Love guitar and wanted to be a guitarist when I was standard 6 'cause influence by Hisa~♥ Dreamed to become a hair stylist too so that I can join
FatsBerry(Hisashi official hairstyling team etc), maybe got chance to help Hisa style his hair!! (but of course it's impossible =.=)

Join guitar club in secondary school form 1, but the teacher teach very slow so quit in October.. Then I never touch my acoustic guitar anymore (got la, but just a few times..)

Then form 2 ♥ w-inds. (Keita!), but still ♥ Hisashi of course.. *swt*
. . .

Last year November found out hide, and he made me wanted to play guitar again! So started to search for some guitar tabs etc =3 Online everyday just to go to YouTube and search for hide's videos or search for things related to him etc.. Just in a month already know most of the things about him! So crazy!
Before I really like hide and don't really know him, I find it very weird 'cause I dunno why those fans' comments will said that hide is cute etc, I think he's weird 'cause he looks cool and doesn't fit to do stupid things or moves! And his "hide no heya"! So hentai 'cause always go hadaka onna!! But now used to it already =D He IS cute! and cool! and funny! and nice! Even saved a girl! But.. couldn't save himself..

Hmm.. when I haven't like hide or X JAPAN I didn't really thought about buying all the things which related to them.. But now, I wanna buy ALL the things related to hide and X! (So is GLAY!!)

Really think that he's a really nice guy! Why would such a person just die like that!! D=

Anyway, it's his birthday today! I wonder how's the 「MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008★ feat.hide Birthday Party!」! I wanna goooo!! D=

Hmm.. Wanted to go desa there to buy a cake for hide, but.. IT'S RAINING!! SOBBB!!!

Happy Birthday to hide!!

(I just wanna put 2 or 3 hide's pic, but.. So hard to choose!! 'cause too many!! In the end it ended up like this =_=")



YAY!! Cake for hide!!


Day off!!

Heh! It's hide's birthday! and I'm having day off!!

Anyway, let's talk about these few days of my work in SEED!!

It's quite ok already 'cause it's already 4 days I worked there~

*This is for me to take note about what and how much I spend etc!

There're total 7 staffs including me! All of them are nice and funny~ =D
But of course I still dun really dare to talk to them because....1.have to speak cantonese 2.have to speak malay...
I'm not fluent in both of them!! Malay.. I speak chinese with my Malay classmates, so it's really hard to speak in Malay..!! Cantonese.. WGHH!!

* My Tsukasa phone strap~ X3

Kinda use to this job already, fold shirts, serve customers etc.. Fold shirt can fold until cannot stop folding =.=" Serve customers.. sometimes it's kinda hard 'cause I can't listen clearly what they asked for..! So I have to "Har??" a few times..! Made some of the customer pissed.. D=

*Mr Bread's Ham and Cheese bread SUX!!!

But of course sometimes it's also fun to serve the customers because some of them is very funny!
And you know what? Mostly the friendly ones are NOT CHINESE, but Malays or Indians! Made me pissed lor! So lan si for what?! (but of course also got some friendly Chinese la..)

* Lol damn long time no camwhore

Sometimes it's kinda fun anyway~ to do all those work..

*The ceiling and the stocks in the staff room

Yesterday before I go to work, my mum brought me to buy shoes, again.

*In Jusco of course, 'cause I can just walk to work after buying the shoes!

Felt better after changing the shoes which I wore before this! My leg hurt like crap these days because of the shoes!

Our supervisor(I think? Her position is the highest la) treated us 2 pieces of Big Apple Donuts each! Because it's her birthday yesterday!
Didn't get to wish her Happy Birthday 'cause I didn't knew that she went home already.......

These 2 pairs of shoes! Bought them because of work!
The one I wore before changing was the right ones! Hurt my leg like crap!
The new one is the one on the left!

Oh ya! suddenly remember while working last night, saw an Indian girl standing at the entrance there looking at me.. I also look at her and felt very familiar! Then we both "!!!?"!! Then she walk in and asked me "XX(my name lol) ah??" So shock!!! 'cause that's one of my best friend in primary school!!
Damn long time no see lor! The last time is take UPSR result!! UPSR leh!! So shock!
She speak in english.. I want speak Chinese leh.. maybe she study in Malay school already long time didn't speak in Chinese..? Aiyah dunno la!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO hide!! (next entry!)

-T H E E N D-

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not fun!

Wghh! Having a job as a promoter is not fun at all! D= (DUHH)

My leg hurts because of the shoes(not used to wear those "woman shoes" =_=), hand hurts because help customers to search for the clothes they want, which was in the pile of clothes like mountain, and dunno why got three wound on my left hand's fingers =.=" So lousy la me..!

I shivered the whole day! Because not used to there and the staffs..! They're nice, but I don't know them, and I'm not a talkative or aggressive person, so I just kept quite..|||

Most of the customer looks "scary" and "fierce"(I think I also look scary and fierce because I didn't have face expression 'cause my mind kept becoming blank D=).. but there's a few customer also very cute and funny! Haha!

Hmm.. It's very "scary" when I'm at the counter.. 'cause I dunno how to use the cashier thingy and those customers kept wanting to pay for their clothes.. WGHH!!
And! When the customers OR the staffs asked me something, I'll become blank too!! And kept asking them to repeat again and again 'cause blank already + my hearing is lousy..

Oh ya SzeYang also work today in Vincci, dunno he got saw me or not? Lol.

Uff! Have to work hard tomorrow! Hmm.. hope everything would be ok..
Have to wear make up ahh! So weird 'cause not used to it..
Oh ya! And I don't have work on hide's birthday!! WOHOO~!

Dream too much

About the X JAPAN world tour.. I dream too much about it..!
Me and my sis decided not to go to the concert.. 'cause we know that it's impossible for us to go.. We don't have that much money..
I don't even have enough money for me to go college..! I don't even know whether I get to go for college!

I really wish to see all the member of X JAPAN and also the fans.. wish to do the "X jump" and sing Endless Rain or other songs together with all of them.. But.. The future is more important..!
Taiwan tour.. RM2000++ just for the air ticket..! Thailand just about RM500++.. but also need to stay there, buy the concert ticket, concert merchandies, eat etc.. already more than RM1000 near to RM2000! How can we find so much money in just a few months/less than a month!?

RM2000 just for air ticket.. RM2000 I already can buy all of X JAPAN and hide's albums, singles and videos..! And magazines, photobook etc..

Even I did went to the concert, although I get to see the real Yoshiki, the real Toshi, the real Pata and the real Heath.. But I also can't see the REAL hide, just can see the hologram hide and the hide videos from The Last Live or Dahlia Final Tour.. The REAL hide is not here anymore...

(these are just for letting me to being not that sad that I can't go =__=|||)


Anyway, later I'm going to work! First day of work as a promoter! The first time I got a job! So nervous!! WGWHGWHGHHHH!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

7 days

Huhu 7 days to hide birthday!

And look what's THIS!!!

Last time there's another one with hide as the front cover.. I WANT IT TOO!!
But didn't found it in Kino... T__T

And see this:

Heh! Knitted a hat and a scarf for my hide doll!! So cute! X3


Hmm.. few days ago I said that I went to PDI ask for a job.. waited for their call but they didn't call.. erm.. actually I think they did but I didn't heard it so I didn't pick it =X
My mum kept asking me to call back but I dun wan because I don't plan work there anymore.. They look mean..! =X

Planned to find a job in Pavilion.. I wanna work in Juicy Couture! Or TANGS!
Then suddenly Si Yang sms-ed me ask me whether I wanna work in Jusco's SEED..! Sooo... I went to ask!

Filled up those form and that EPF form already.. means I got it..? Now only wait for them to call to tell me when to start working..! (have to wait AGAIN...! T__T)
Part-time promoter.. I want full-time! But because I'm still going to study next April, so they dun let.. =( If want full-time must 1 year etc.. D=

Kinda scare 'cause this is the first time I got a job..! Wgh.. no Pavilion.. there got more money..! =X TANGS RM7 per hour..!! *whgghgh drools* LOL gila!

Hmm.. last time Yvonne did asked me whether I wanna work in her mum's office.. about RM900.. I say dun want.. haih.. I'm so TAMAK..! Few day later she told me is RM1000++.. haih.. See? Tamak la! Now so less only! So stupid!
Got job for me but I dun wan.. until now stil got no job.. serves me right =.=
*got a new lesson.. dun be tamak =.=*

Hmm.. can't wait to go to work! Nothing to do at home except online and watch TV and eat and sleep and read newspaper and wait for SEED to call and swaet like crap 'cause very hot right now I dunno why and read the Dasein application form+booklet again I dunno why and it's sooo boring!!


SEED just called! I'm gonna start working next Tuesday!! =D
So scary!!! D=

I want money =D

Friday, December 5, 2008

8 days to hide's Birthday

8 day's left, and hide is going to be 44!! O_o|||

Hmm.. hide's new DVD [ALIVE!] had released on 3rd Dec.. Haih.. I WANT IT!! I want the limited edition 1.. or both.. OwO

Here's a hide Documentary in FujiTV's tv show 《新。温故知人》 on 2nd March.. I wanna watch it through KeyholeTV.. but... I MISSED IT!! And the show is damn early.. 7/8 am start.. I didn't expected that and.. I'm still sleeping..|||

Who want to watch then watch la, don't want watch then go away

Hahah hide was so fat!
Hmm.. I wonder why his younger brother will look old so early.. too much stress..? nice that he save that Mayuko's life.. D=
So geng that person act so many characters.. act hide, hide's dunno who, Mayuko and Mauyko's mum.. lol.. but.. I dunno most of what he's saying... just know that he rushed to the hospital etc.. he told Mayuko that he'll perform a song for her in the concert.. and.. HE GAVE MAYUKO HIS "EYEBALL RING"!!! WGHH!!!
Mayuko's mum said that Mayuko can't eat etc and can't believe that hide's dead... well.. Who would believe it..?! So sudden!
(Lol hide spelled "friend" as "fried"! =X)




Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dasein Mail!


*front (lol)


Huhu~ I wonder what Dasein sent!


*a hand..?

Application form and a booklet!

To those who discriminates ART students, LOOK and READ the UNDERLINED sentence.

Darn hate those ppl who discriminates art.. just like those ppl who discriminates us ART class students and said that ART has no future, ppl who study ART are craps(in my school, yes..?) etc.. say ART not important..
Art not important? DON'T WEAR CLOTHES LA!! Don't buy cars don't buy houses don't buy accessories etc etc la!!

* hide's favourite - EYEBALLS!! o___o"

*Poor MonaLisa became like this..


Hmm.. At first wanna choose Fine Art.. Want to choose it because I kinda love those creation and masterpiece which looks weird but actually got meaning inside.. =D But I dun like Picasso(did I spell it right?)'s drawing D=
Then last time Milkygreen Gathering I asked ahBoy if smell too much those oil paint etc stuffs will die or not, he say yes!! (I'm afraid to die ok..?) So choose Illustration lor..

After I read that booklet.. CEH!! I thought Fine Art will learn those sculpture thing but there got many Oil Painting! =( I want make sculpture!! And I want to play those clay!! D=

Sooo... YAY to ILLUSTRATION!! Got sketching and drawing those leh.. Good... =w=
And got learn those water colour etc.. can ask my mum guide me also.. Mmm.. good... ~w~

But now lack of money.. Not even sure can study start from April..
Planned to take the one month trial class in Feb~March too, but... hmm..
Now have to save money for college.. X JAPAN...? Hmm..

Anyway, can't wait to start the classes (although I haven't apply yet =_=")! Yay! Can learn PHOTOGRAPHY!! I love photography! But later dunno got enough money to buy those dslr camera or not... =__+|||| Hmm.. free laptop.. I wonder if it's true or not..? If it's true then my mum no need to spend money to buy a new PC for me..

Hmm.. I wonder if there's anyone from my class will study there? I know Yenting will study there lor, but dunno Banzhang and CBJ them will study there or not..?


Fuuu~ Finally started to clear up my rubbish in my room!!

These are the sejarah notes I prepared myself before my sejarah test start from November! About.. less than 10 days! Looks little but actually got many!!

Hmm.. my sejarah test... paper two.. My sejarah tuition teacher got spot those questions for us.. Most of them got keluar in the paper.. I did studied.. but... I can't memorize all of them..! But I wrote a lot though! Especially the Jahiliah question! Damn easy! Just write them no moral etc then can already!
Haih dunno why always got Jahiliah's questions in SPM!! Easy lah!

These are my tuition notes and school's exercise notes+exercises and a few of text books that belongs to my sis when she was Form 5..

Talking about text books.. Start from this year everyone doesn't have to buy text books because the government provided every school free text books so we can borrow them through SPBT..

Those text books.. I'm not sure for other classes, but for my class, we didn't use any text books at all.. Sejarah text book got use a few times.. others.. Hmm.. computer text books lor.. but one or two times only, 'cause can borrow from our computer teacher..

Yay! Cleared the part of the table that I used to put my school books and exercises!!
Those on the right.. all rubbish.. but those are the rubbish I want.. HEH. <_<"


Oh ya, tonight TARC's Chinese Society Drama Club is having stage performance! Wish them luck~ -The End-