Friday, November 28, 2008

One subject left!

Yay!! There's one left one subject for SPM!! AKAUN!!!!
I just hope to get a pass on it.. 'cause I always failed akaun..


Hmm.. finished art paper yesterday.. so satisfy about my art! LOL
There're 6 questions and we have to choose only 1.. I chose the 4th.. have to draw BUTTERFLY.. which I HATE and AFRAID of IT..!
It's really hard and suffering to search those butterflies pics... their wings.. HORRIBLE WINGS..!!! So many scary patterns and colours...! And their insect body... and.. their horrible wings that keep on FLAPPING...!!! NOOOO!!!!
I search those pic until I cry!! Because it's too scary!!! I hate BUTTERFLIES!!! I HATE INSECTS!!! Especially.. with WINGS!!!!!

But that question it's the most easiest one for me.. so I chosen it...

Prepared the drawing for a few days with my mum's guide! Really admire my mum 'cause she's really good in drawing..!

This is my mum's drawing~

This pic is the first one I drew!
Not really nice.. but later my mum help me modified a bit..!

This is the second 1 I drew!
Because the background of the previous pic I drew was too blank, my mum asked me to add more leaves!

I drew this on the day before my art exam..
Not really satisfy with it.. because I THINK I finished it more than 3 hours.. which was the time limit..

Anyway during the exam, I've got no problem about the time because I still left quite a lot of time to modify my art.. but later.. because I slept at about 2am last night.. makes me very tired, so makes me slow down a bit...|||||
I was so afraid that I've not enough time!! Just finished it on time! I mean.. if it's not the teachers who were on duty, I can't even finish it!! The time suppose to end at 11am, but those teachers 11.05am only asked us to stop drawing!
It's only 5 minutes more, but it did saved me! A LOT!!

I was so happy when I finished it on time!! Heehee!! =X

Hmm.. I really wish I'll get an A on art.. My theory paper was not that good.. but I did my best on the project and this drawing paper...!

I hope it won't be like this:

Lol.. this was my SPM trial exam art paper..
I put A LOT of effort on it..! I thought I'll get high marks..

WGHHH!!!! Only 36/50!!!
Some of my friends' drawings are worst than me but their marks are just like mine!!!
Later at home when I let my mum and sis see, they just say UGLY immediately!!!
I CRIED LIKE CRAP AFTER THAT!!!! Because I put a lot of effort!! A LOT!!!
And they said it was UGLY!!! Especially when my mum says it!! Because she's a great artist!!!
WGHHH!!!! T____________T

People who read this entry, please leave a comment and tell me..
Is this piece of drawing really UGLY??!?!
Please tell me the TRUTHHHH!!!!


Hmm.. after exam.. gonna find a job to earn MONEY(duhh..)!!!
But what job should I find..?

Wanted to find a job at Jusco.. 'cause it's near by my house and I can walk there..
Work in PDI or SEED?? Or BIG APPLE?? (=D)

Planned to work in Kinokuniya at KLCC.. But.. My highest education is just SPM qualification..! Dunno can or not..? And have to waste money on transport(LRT)..!! So cancelled this..
But really wish to work there.. later got discount on those magazines in Kino!! =D =X

Also planned to work at the manicure shop near my house.. (Lol)

Also planned to find those freelance job.. but so "ma fan"..!




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kim-chan said...

where got!~? Your trial drawing is nice!
just you missed few more colours on it...if you added a bit green or more reflection image on it maybe can get 40

congrats one more paper to go XD

eh? find job? humm..SEED is good =D
Jusco is good ^^