Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kei's Birthday!

*I'm dying 'cause I cut myself..*

Lol of course it's fake.. I wouldn't do such a thing..!
Nothing to do so used lip gloss, blushes and eye shadows to draw a scar =.=


Anyway, it's my sis' 21st birthday today!! She's old!! =X

Well because my mum can't celebrate with us tonight, we celebrated earlier.
Went to Subang Sheraton to eat buffet~ and it's free! My dad got some coupon from his friend =D

So swt because I ate roti canai.. But!! It taste different!! Taste BETTER!!
Last time we came here before on my birthday, and I also took roti canai =_=||

CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! This is a must for me in a buffet!! X3
I ♥ chocolate cake~!

Pretty....*____* But I didnt eat those marshmallows because they suck, I hate marshmallows..

Ice-cream!! I ate strawberry ice-cream because I can't figure out which is chocolate flavor.. the colour is weird..||||

We were going to go to The Curve 'cause we didnt went there before.. except for my sis
but it's too late, so.. =(

*At home*


A crap posing with an ice-cream cake..

Which is so hard when my sis and my mum cut it until the cake became like this..

See why it's so hard?? Crazy..

**Next post...


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