Saturday, November 22, 2008

《HIGH TEA 3》+ Sg Wang + Alexis?

It's my sis' birthday today!

But I went to watch stage play with Milkygreen in the morning

Metrobus.. 6707.. I hate you.. for letting us nearly late for the performance...

There's two shows, "NEVERLAND" and "Cheras Cheras"
Our teacher is "NEVERLAND"'s director!

*Cheras Cheras

These two shows are different
"NEVERLAND" was like.. some of the people won't understand what they're performing.. "Cheras Cheras" is a comedy..
I like "NEVERLAND" more than "Cheras Cheras".. it's kinda disappointed 'cause it's not funny like what I've expected D=
"NEVERLAND".. Hmm.. I like their bg music 'cause most of them are rock =X and I like the main thing that they wanna tell us.. (well, every performance have their own theme that they wanna tell the audience)..

Overall it's quite disappointing.. I thought HIGH TEA 3 is going to be like HIGH TEA 2 =(
But.. I wanna go to watch 'cause.. who knows this might be the the last time for me to watch stage play..?

After the performance ended, it's already 2pm++!! My dad and sis had arrive 1 hr ago!! So I quickly write those comments and rushed down stairs! (didn't take pic with those casts and our teacher.. D=)

So swt 'cause there's someone selling chickens!

So cute!! X3

After that, my dad fetched us to Sg Wang~ My sis wanna buy her Konata figurine and comics as her birthday present by herself.. And also ANIZO...
Ohh... now I remember I still owe her the ANIZO money...!!

Later we went to eat ramen and soba!! My treat, but not my money.. my dad's money...

Soba and Gyoza!!
Soba is not really nice.. I mean it taste normal, but dunno why I just like it!

Ok... After this, now I only left RM1.20.. included my allowance.. Finished my savings that I put in an Angpau= RM0.. Not included those money in my tabung 'cause I'm not going to use them.. that's for X's concert trip.. but.. also less than RM100..
Sooo... thank God I left two days of exam..! If not I'll be starving in school while I'm having exam..! RM1.20 is enough for 2 days for me 'cause I just use 60 cents for two small mantous.. which is not enough for me to be full.. but I gotta save money..! But.. until now...

Although my mum is still going to give me allowance next month, but how can I use them..? If I kept using them how could I save any money..? How can I save up to RM4000 in only 2 months?! If I wanna go to Taiwan I gotta have more than RM4000..!! Find a job? What job I could find that I can earn RM2000 per month? I'm just a graduated high school student! Just can be a promoter, monthly salary about RM1000 only... And I wanted to save more than RM4000 just in 2 months..
X JAPAN World Tour.. I'm DYING to go there..!! But without money..? Yea right..

At night after dinner at my grandma's house, my dad brought us to watch his friend's performance at..

alexis(@ Great Eastern Mall)!! Which is a pub!!

This is the first time me and my sis went into a PUB..! It feels really really WEIRD!!! REALLY!!!
And those people... 97% of the people over there SMOKE!!! DAMN HARD TO BREATH!!!
And for me, those people over there.. are BAD PEOPLE...!! *SHIVERSSS!!!!!!*
Why do people wanna smoke?? What so nice about it?!! Make yourself die earlier and faster?? YES..!!

But the main point we're here is to watch our dad's friend's performance..

* Mr Gambus Acoustic Project

They're gonna perform on this..

So swt 'cause at first I thought it's suppose to be a rock band.. but.. D=
BUT! It's also nice!!
I watch their performance until I cried.. because they look enjoying.. performing music.. having a band.. I wanna have a band and perform too...
Anyway, see that guy in the middle? He's very cute!! Me and my sis both agree that he's cute!! HAHA!! =X He looks really enjoying playing the music... So does the others..

Lol so swt because I used my phone to record all their songs they performed.. ILLEGALLY!!

After the performance finished, FINALLY we get to go back home!! Which contain FRESH AIR!!! We smell horrible 'cause we're covered with those smoke smell..! Bath in the midnight! Even washed my hair! My hair also have that smell!! Gaaahhh!!

Hmm... It's my sis' 21st birthday but I didn't bought any present for her.. She bought me a hide doll on my birthday this year but I didnt gave her anything.. especially it's her 21st birthday..
For everyone, we're suppose to have a happy and special birthday on the 21st birthday right..? but hers.. ....
At least I went to Sg Wang with her...? right...?


..guess not...


abooy said...

*that's mean high tea 2 more nice la??? XD
I also think high tea 3 not so intersted~~~

KaedE said...

eh u got go watch ah?
i know i say high tea 2 more nice u very an shuang la.. =__="
but really lor.. high tea 3 de not so special etc.. high tea 3 more geng lor, the stage, costumes, casts etc.. haha that time see u act dao very funny!

ahbooy said...

*i watched friday night,cause I am not free on saturday and sunday.
ya,I am syok sendiri,hahahaXD
of cause high tea 3 improve everything lu,they so lucky..haizzz~~~ me that time pity until want to die....huh~~
but i really enjoy my show XD
i miss pinky so much~

KaedE said...

EHHH WAIT!! I write wrong liao laa!!
I wan say de is high tea "2" nore geng!! high tea "3" not so special..! paiseh..|||