Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally Graduated from High School

Ok.. before this.. let me just fangirl for awhile...

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Ok! Finally I can update my blog again!!

I'm finally graduated from high school last week(Nov 6)!!

Well it's kinda boring at first.. I mean my class.. I dunno why =__=|||
But later me and Yvonne went out of the class to search for people to take photos!!

*Went to the first floor* (my class is in the second floor)

Amila and me!

Me, Amila and Yvonne!

Our school band!

Drummer! LOL

Pitling, GeokMing and me!
Same class with them for 3 years! =___+

Time to act like a paparazzi..!


Haha! Their reaction was so funny!

Me and Huishin~

Me, Huishin and Yvonne~

After that, it's time for computer class!!
LOL We just went there to online XD
But.. the connect sux that day, so we didn't really on too long..

Me and Yvonne~ (In computer room!)


All of us (5A) with our computer teacher~

After that, me and Yvonne rush down stairs to search for people to take photos!



*Runs aways*

Me, Edric and Yvonne~

Edric, AhKai, Me, and Yvonne

Yvonne, MeiYan and Me~!
(So swt la, they didn't graduate but they also bring phone to take photos =.=|||)

*SNAPS* (Lol so funny to be a "paparazzi"! But this time kena noticed! DX)

Places for teachers and those who was going to graduate to seat, like ME!! =D =X

Drum!! TAMA leh! Same with Yoshiki's, but of course Yoshiki's is 100% nicer! XD

!! Spotted some classmates coming out from classroom!!

*SNAPS!!* (ahEng, XiXiang and CBJ)

Went back to our class again~

Milkygreen's notice board.. Every one of us wrote this..
Mine is near to the middle but lower! The one with green and yellow, upside down 1 =D

Then I forgot why we went outside the discipline room, then we met some of our primary school standard 6 classmates!!

Class 6B'2004!
Start from left to right: ShangYi, LooTeng, Yvonne, SiewTeng, and Me!
Erm.. the pose of our hand.. means "6" = Starndard 6.. (SO LAME!! =X)

Later we decided to search for the others (standard 6 classmates!) to take photos!

But before that...

Take pictures with other ppl first! LOL

Kenji and Me!
(He's my mum's friend's son! And also my friend! Lol.)
Note: He WAS shorter then me, but now he's taller than me now! But just a little D=

Me and ShangYi~ One of my best friend when I was standard 6!

Me and LooTeng~!
We used to play RO together! LOL

Me and PuXuan~
Same class with her during primary school standard 1 ~ 5, then secondary school form 1 ~ 3!

So swt because 3 of them are shorter than me, a lot.. so they have to stand in the classroom, the ground in the classroom is higher than outside the classroom..
This is one of the reason why I don't like to be tall.. 'cause of the difference of the height with my friends...

Ok! continue search for ex 6B classmates!

We found YenHua! He sat beside me when we're standard 6!
And he became taller than me a lot!! He used to be short.. VERY short.. =X

*Snap by Onzai (5A classmate)

Yay! 6B!!
From left to right
Above: JiaJun, YenHua YuenSiong(dunno how to spell =_+), WenJing
Below: SiewTeng, LooTeng, ShangYi, Yvonne, Me!

Actually there's more, but lazy to find! Haha!
Haih.. to bad this pic is blurred.. who's the cameraman? EPL(my friend)!!! =X

Went back to our classroom again, to take our bags down stairs!

We conteng the wall in our classroom as memories!! =X
But too bad none of us have marker pen.. not visible enough.. =(

It's so stupid that we don't have places to sit! I mean, we have, but only have one row
each row have 14 seats, our class have 20++ people..
So is 5e7, they have 30++ people but they only have 2 rows..
Who's responsible for this arrangement? NAZAR!!! OUR HORRIBLE FORM TEACHER!!!
Ugh! Hate her! Not only me, the whole class hate her! Not only the whole class, the whole form 5 hate her! Not only the whole form 5, every students hate her! Not only students, even teachers hate her!
Not that we're bad or what.. but she's really REALLY an irresponsible teacher with no moral!

So we take some chairs from those classes then we sit at the back..
Just 5A! and.. some of those bad students from other classes... D=

Yvonne, Me, CBJ, XiXiang, ahEng, TingSen

It kinda boring during the hold graduation thing.. Wait for those VIP to give speeches.. then wait for those people take their certificates.. Then finally our turn.. ugh it took so much time..!

Lol before I went up the stage I was very nervous! I used to act/perform on this stage last time but still I'm nervous! Hmm.. maybe it's because I didn't go on to the stage for a long time?
NO. Because I was also always nervous even when I was going to perform!

Later, my drama juniors said hi to me! Haha!
The we took photo~

Yeah~ (My God! My back hurts so bad because I kept bending down!! X__X|||)

Later we (5A) change our class shirt!! Our design is football jersey! XD But not really nice.. =(
And some of them didn't bring/change.. D=

Take pic with Puan Chu Cheah~

Huhu! We're so yeng~! (but our bags.....||||)

Take pic with some of the classmates~

Me and ChetThong~

Me and ahEng~

Me and Syikin and Haziqah~

With our Moral teacher~ Really a nice teacher~♥
From left to right: LihFeh, Me, Yvonne, ahEng, Moral teacher, Onzai
Below/front: SzeMun and Su Fong

Then suddenly TingSen appear! So we have to take another shot!
But this time he and our Moral teacher be the "main character"

Left to right: ahEng, Yvonne, Moral teacher, TingSen, Onzai and Me!

Then suddenly XiXiang appear again!! But we dun wan to let another person as the main character anymore because we also want to show our faces! Lol!

Dunno where those ppl looking at.. =___=|||

BORING SHOT!! =.=||||

Going back home~

But before that...

Take pic with Kenji again!! Haha!!
So nice their shirt design.. =(

Erin and Me...!

So sad to see her.. because she did some thingS which I think is childish.. (but for some of you might think is fun..? Spraying those canned snow-like-foam thingy on the head...) And she wore blue contact lenses.. For me, those who wore colour contacts in school are bad students.. also to those who always follows what others do or wear etc..

Why want follow what other people do? Why don't have your own style? Sien la wei.. =__=

Anyway, I'm graduated from high school!
But still, I still have to finish my SPM then I'M FREE!!!

And these! Unrelated video!! You don't have to see it!
I just wanna put it here!


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