Wednesday, November 26, 2008

59th Kouhaku Utagassen artist list!

FINALLY!! Kouhaku's artist list is out!!

So sad.. don't have X JAPAN! D=
But expected.. 'cause they're already busy with their world tour and management stuffs..

This year's kouhaku have many artist's first appearance!
But.. some of the nice ones "disappeared"... like w-inds.! and Hello Project, Dreams Come True(whyyy!! they are nice!! T___T) etc etc..

Some of the artists still remain in the competition like Otsuka Ai, Ayumi(I wonder how she'll dressed like this year?), aiko, Koda Kumi, WaT(yay cute! =X), Kiyoshi and Wada Akiko(Lol) etc

And yay~ IkimonoGakari is in the artist list too~ Their songs also nice~ So is ayaka, and Kobukuro and PornoGraffiti~ Humhum~ And Hirai Ken.. hope he'll sing "Aika (Elegy)"..! That song nice..!

SPEED is in the competition! How nice..!
If only X were there too... Performing "KURENAI".. Toshi will yell "KURENAI DAAAA!!!!".. Fuiyo.. GENG!!! No one can beat Toshi! Lol!

Anyway! Can't wait to watch this 59th Kouhaku Utagassen~~!! Wohoo~!

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