Wednesday, October 29, 2008

X JAPAN Forever Love

Hmm.. I really love to see X JAPAN's "Forever Love" performances.. 'cause.. it feels like always different..! Not their performance, but how they feel and so is all the fans..!
Especially their Last Live, NHK Kouhaku last stage, hide's Funeral, and their reunion concert..!

12 years ago..
Music Station (1996)

This video is nice 'cause it has all their performance in Music Station start from their debut until 1994, also have some hide's solo performance..! So funny they laughing at themselves! hide looks so horrible in the "Longing" performance! Toshi looks so horrible in 1993! Can listen hide saying "nanda yo kore.." HAHA!
hide so lebih! Wear like this doesn't suit the song/all of them at all! ALWAYS!

Dahlia Tour Final

Damn clear and sharp la this video's quality!
But so swt, 'cause start from 8:24 already end of the video =__=|||

11 years ago..
Music Station Super Live'97 (Kurenai + Forever Love)

Their last stage in Music Station.. You can see some of the fans already crying 'cause their going to disband..
Grr!! I hate this! Because the camera didn't capture hide's solo scene in Kurenai!!
But lol, hide is chewing gum again..! Hmm.. so nice he smile to the fans and communicate with the fans..! (For those who don't know hide, he IS weird)

The Last Live (Few days later)

hide cried...! T____T I'm shocked and cried too when I watched this video the first time because I didn't knew that he would cry.. the first time saw him crying..!
For those who dunno their "history", Toshi is quitting X JAPAN that year, and this is/was their Last Live.. Yoshiki and Toshi are childhood friends..

NHK Kouhaku last stage (after The Last Live finished)

Few months later...
hide's Funeral (...WGHHH!!! SOB!!!)


10 years later...
March reunion live

Toshi is crying so he can't really sing..
Lol the fans cheer like they're in a football field..!
I wish I could go to their concert and sing together with all of them..!

Anyway, I searched for some other videos too..!

X JAPAN - Without You

This is in hide 10th Memorial Summit.. Yoshiki wrote this song for hide after hide died..
Hmm.. I wonder when are they going to release their new single or album..!

X JAPAN - Tears Unrelease Ver.

Love this because it's like.. all their performance(not all actually) from the past until now.. From 1987(not sure) to 2008..
So sad to see the ending.. There's five giant dolls, but there's only four of them.. but so funny to see the dolls fall on the ground! =X

and this

This..! So swt the opening! That guy dunno which is Toshi and which is Yoshiki!
Toshi and Yoshiki is so cute when they said "sou desu ne" together!! Haha!
Yoshiki looks so young and.. princess..! But the narrator.. ugh..! LOL

Ok... I think that's it..



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