Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ughhhh!!! hide cosplay wig...!!!

Where... where can I find a wig that looks like hide's..?!!

I kept searching in the internet, even Cosworx also dun have!

* Found it in Photobucket

I wanna be like them..! Although some of their cosplay are not really nice (their hair/wig).. BUT!! So nice can cosplay as hide..!!

There's a hide cosplayer which my sis found in last time.. The BEST hide cosplayer EVER!!! SEE!!! The wig.. the costume.. The face figure.. ALL SAME!!!
Really look like hide! But now I think got a bit not similar already 'cause I see her hide cosplay pics too much =__=||||
But.. really envy her.. both cosplay skill and her face figure('cause quite same with hide's!! DX)

Later I search in eBay, found these three!!

These three PINK wig(hehe hide's hair also pink ^^")..! Dunno why but I really like them! I mean the 1st and 2nd one..
The first one if dun have the silver long part very nice! The second 1 also very nice! Both I think very yeng!
As for the third one.. the volume of the hair is big! Maybe can dye become red colour, cut a bit and style it.. maybe can become like hide's hair!!


NO MONEY!!! RM 1xx!!! AHHHHH!!!!

If I have enough money, I'll buy them all..!!
NO!! 'Cause have to go X Japan concert! If want also buy the long one dye it red to cosplay hide..!


Anyway, the eBay store that sell that three wig is professionalonlyplus.. Quite nice de their wig =D Even their mannequin also look nice! LOL!!

Oh ya, also found another wig-selling eBay store called COSPLAY WIG! Got sell those anime cosplay de wig lor.. Got sell Shinku's(Rozen Maiden) wig! XD



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Яeiki said...

u can just buy a normal wig and ask a hair style to cut for u . like this u can do what ever your desire hair style. ~