Friday, October 10, 2008

San-X Blog Chara


It's scary.. but yet it's still cute...! So I can't not have it...!!

Look what I've got in my side bar..


RILAKKUMA o____o||||



swt.. dun really know how to play this thing 'cause i'm not good in Japanese..
i think have to use real money to buy those "clover" to buy things....|||


kim-chan said...

LOL nande?! XD XD XD Rilakkuma! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!~ I wonder Cinnamoroll also got like that...? I'll go search it now!
XD your blog is getting lively ^_^

Яeiki said...

wah ~ two of you kaede and kei,
1 people "Lap" one X Japan member as your web-kare (林義樹&松本秀人)=.= """"
got any Web-Kano ? i wan grap Otsuka Ai or BoA as my web kano also... eeehehehe ~

KaedE said...

kim-chan: haha! cute right?? XD but i can't buy anything for it to play or decorate it's house...!! T___T

Reiki: hehe hide!! XD dunno got or not leh! u go find urself la! haha!