Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 Milkygreen Gathering

**NOTE: Damn many photos

Last Friday is our Milkygreen Gathering! Again, our gathering is at Genting Klang's Home Town steamboat restaurant! Thank God it rain in the afternoon but not at night!

Well we're having this gathering every year, this is the third year!


Soup! and..

While waiting the food is finish cooked, of course... Take pictures again!!

These 3 kept acting shocked infront of the camera..|||


This is what I ate..! Porridge steamboat..! But later I also ate the soup one of course!

Later I got nothing to do, so I went to play with SzeYang them~!

Heh, put chopstick into ahLing's pocket!

Then we got nothing to do so we took some boring photos!

CHEERS!! (Chinese tea =__=|||)

Because most of those people who took this kind of photos are always stars etc, so we used our pinky finger! The black one is mine!


HEAD!!! LOL!! Crazy..

Me, JunYuan and PeiTing~!


From Left to right
Upper: SzeYang. ahLing. ChangShun. QiShan. ahKai
Lower: Me, JunYuan. PeiTing

So swt because I'm the oldest but being stupid with them! (Not oldest in age la, I'm the only Form 5 in this pic!)

Old people!! (3 seniors and our drama teacher!)
(Start from left: ahBoy, JingYuan, LihYeh, and Milo!)

LihYeh gave Milo teacher this when she arrived!

Lol. (argh blur!!)

Well actually the next day is our teacher's birthday. Every year we have this gathering near to our teacher's birthday so that we can also celebrate his birthday!

Take pic again!!

Oh ya this is the present we gave our teacher~ Erm.. I don't know about this actually, is the juniors who planned it! ^^

Ok... it's time.. ahKang and MeiYan is holding the cake out! (the far 1)

Off the lights and...!!

Well actually after that we're taking group photos and photos of our teacher with the present!

Milo "photoshoot" section!!

(that's my hand! LOL! I'm recording the whole "process")


Current members (not included the guy wearing purple and black strips shirt)


Hmm.. actually many seniors didn't attend this gathering..
ahJune and KhenSear go to Singapore already.. (ARGH!! KhenSear got there learn hair dressing at his relative's saloon!! I want learn leh!!)
MeiYee go Macau..
ahJac go dance..(she a dancer)
MingJie have to go to Penang the next day..
Others.. dunno go where already!

Milo with cake!

Lol dunno why MeiYan looked so excited!


Presenting.. our present for Milo...!!

Hehe our teacher was shocked when he saw it!

OK!!! Time to take photos!!!

Old Seniors!!

Camwhore with other members!!

Lol dunno what's he doing.

3 Yong sui acting cool!

Lol this pic looks like arguing etc.. except JiaWei (the pink 1)

Me and ahKai's cake!

"Royal" family!! (not included the one with dyed hair and the purple+black strips shirt and those hands!)
Start from left to right
Upper: Servant T__T, prince, guard, assassin
Lower: King, TREE, .... (swt I forgot what ahLing is!!)

Haih.. so kesian our teacher.. =X

Camwhore with members again!!!


*Finished all the food

Later our teacher is going back!! So take his photos again!!

Haih.. MeiYan so lebih... =X

Continue take photos with other people!!

This pic is blur but dunno why I like it~!

Ok.. that's it!!

*The cake is finished!!

Then my dad fetch me, ahBoy, PeiTing and KarYee home~ (all live in Wangsa Maju Section 2..|||)

Damn jam.. =__=||||


Hmm.. I never thought that I'll be having a great time since I didn't communicate with them for a looooong time..! I never though that I still get to be crazy like last time..!!

Hmm.. There's 2 days of drama lessons left this year.. I'm going to attend the lessons.. because it's going to be the last two drama lessons in my life..!!

Anyway, Happy(Belated) Birthday to Milo!!


阿仔 said...

*what old senior~~bad la you!!!
yeass~~~finally you will go to the last two lessons~~~yes~

KaedE said...

hehe old.. =X
yalar i got go la~ i scare later i regret mar..

Яeiki said...

Kaede & Hui san & Mei Yan sooooooooooooooo cute ~!