Wednesday, October 29, 2008

X JAPAN Forever Love

Hmm.. I really love to see X JAPAN's "Forever Love" performances.. 'cause.. it feels like always different..! Not their performance, but how they feel and so is all the fans..!
Especially their Last Live, NHK Kouhaku last stage, hide's Funeral, and their reunion concert..!

12 years ago..
Music Station (1996)

This video is nice 'cause it has all their performance in Music Station start from their debut until 1994, also have some hide's solo performance..! So funny they laughing at themselves! hide looks so horrible in the "Longing" performance! Toshi looks so horrible in 1993! Can listen hide saying "nanda yo kore.." HAHA!
hide so lebih! Wear like this doesn't suit the song/all of them at all! ALWAYS!

Dahlia Tour Final

Damn clear and sharp la this video's quality!
But so swt, 'cause start from 8:24 already end of the video =__=|||

11 years ago..
Music Station Super Live'97 (Kurenai + Forever Love)

Their last stage in Music Station.. You can see some of the fans already crying 'cause their going to disband..
Grr!! I hate this! Because the camera didn't capture hide's solo scene in Kurenai!!
But lol, hide is chewing gum again..! Hmm.. so nice he smile to the fans and communicate with the fans..! (For those who don't know hide, he IS weird)

The Last Live (Few days later)

hide cried...! T____T I'm shocked and cried too when I watched this video the first time because I didn't knew that he would cry.. the first time saw him crying..!
For those who dunno their "history", Toshi is quitting X JAPAN that year, and this is/was their Last Live.. Yoshiki and Toshi are childhood friends..

NHK Kouhaku last stage (after The Last Live finished)

Few months later...
hide's Funeral (...WGHHH!!! SOB!!!)


10 years later...
March reunion live

Toshi is crying so he can't really sing..
Lol the fans cheer like they're in a football field..!
I wish I could go to their concert and sing together with all of them..!

Anyway, I searched for some other videos too..!

X JAPAN - Without You

This is in hide 10th Memorial Summit.. Yoshiki wrote this song for hide after hide died..
Hmm.. I wonder when are they going to release their new single or album..!

X JAPAN - Tears Unrelease Ver.

Love this because it's like.. all their performance(not all actually) from the past until now.. From 1987(not sure) to 2008..
So sad to see the ending.. There's five giant dolls, but there's only four of them.. but so funny to see the dolls fall on the ground! =X

and this

This..! So swt the opening! That guy dunno which is Toshi and which is Yoshiki!
Toshi and Yoshiki is so cute when they said "sou desu ne" together!! Haha!
Yoshiki looks so young and.. princess..! But the narrator.. ugh..! LOL

Ok... I think that's it..



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High School Musical 3

Yay!! Went to watch HSM3 @ KLCC with my sis!!

*Ready to go!

So swt 'cause wear makeup again..! I don't used to wear makeup..! Haha fa qiao!

Yvonne also watch on the same time with us, so she helped us to redeem our tickets~

We went to Kino~ Yvonne also there then she gave us our tickets~

Hmm.. Dunno why this reminds me of Reiki! I mean his previous hairstyle..! Haha!
But now it reminds me of Snape from Harry Potter! LOL

Me and Yvonne! This is the only photo I took with her.. too bad it's blurred..!

Hana Yori Dango!! It's FINAL!!!

In the cinema!! Huhu I'm so bad! Taking photos in the cinema! That's against the cinema rules of course!!

Feeding the audience popcorn!! Haha!! (Kei's hand)

After the show, we went to Isetan etc~

Take photos in the toilet! (The toilet with the door open actually there's a little girl was pee-ing =X But I edited it but still it looks sucks!)

Later we ate spagetthi which I ordered wrongly.. But it taste the same..

Lol dunno why I love this..

* Edited! Boring =.=|||

Hmm... I really love the movie.. the songs/music, performance, dance etc.. especially it's kinda related to me - drama acting/stage play..
Troy and Gabriella look so cute together! Especially they're really together in real life..! X3
I really love how they arrange all the performance! They used stage play in many scenes.. Looks really fun..
And start from the part when Troy went to school at night "solo-ing" and kena tangkap by the drama teacher, the things that the drama teacher said made me cry..!!
Troy can't decide whether he wanted to go for basketball or stage play.. but in the end he choose both..

Can I be like that too? Choosing all the things I want..

Troy just have TWO things he love.. TWO things to choose.. but me?
I love many things!! Photography, fine art, stage play, music, hair dressing, make up etc etc ETC!!!
How could I choose all of them?!!

Ok, photography is surely in my hand..

Music-->electric guitar-->guitarist... and hair stylist..
These TWO.. I wanted to be since i'm primary school standard 6...
Can I achieve them?

Stage play..
Started to learn/join drama lesson in school since the end of Form 2.. started to love it later..
Thought before to join the drama world.. but.. it's really hard...
So forget about it..

Fine art..
Found out that I love fine art this year when I'm doing my Seni Projek.. playing with those paper clay.. felt really good..! Even used paper clay to make a Fernandes MG-145s hide's guitar..! Really hope to play with the REAL clay..!
And use water colour painting.. to express feelings.. it's also nice...!
Maybe I'll take this course in college.. But ahBoy say those clay or oil paint or those other materials with toxines are bad for health..!! I don't wanna die..!! And.. my nose are allergic to horrible strong smells...!!
Or maybe will study illustration..

Make up artist..
I really love cosmetics! I don't always use make up doesn't mean I hate makeup or cosmetics..!
I want a set of make up kit, brushes etc..!! All of them!!
I wanna make people pretty..!
and this I can be a freelancer to earn some extra money..!

How can I choose all of these...??


Oh ya! 『MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008★feat.hide Birthday Party!!』 artist/performer list is out!
SHAME, heidi., the Underneath, DaizyStripper, DRYHI, as.milk, ジャックバドラ(I have no idea who these last 3 groups are D=), and of course... hide himself!!
Sob... I wanna go... D=

And this!

hide Birthday campaign

hide Birthday campaign is ready!

The hide Birthday campaign will start soon
You can join the campaign when you buy the DVD”ALIVE!” and SHM-CDs on Dec.3.

(Target items)
DVD”ALIVE!” (UPBH-9421, 1228~30)
SHM-CD”Ja,Zoo” (UPCH-1642)

(How to enter)
A course
For buyers who buy the DVD”ALIVE!” and all 3 SHM-CDs
One person will win a FERNANDES MG-145S hide-model by lot
Another 1000 people can get original sticker by lot

B course
For buyers who buy the DVD”ALIVE!” and one of the SHM-CDs
300 buyers will win to get original hide 3D toy glass

(Close of application)
Jan.31, 2009

Please check the details from application form enclosed in DVD”ALIVE!”

"One person will win a FERNANDES MG-145S hide-model by lot"
GOD!!! I WANT!!!!!
Of course I want that DVD and those albums too, but...
WIN a FERNANDES MG-145s GUITAR!! That yellow heart guitar!!!
I WANT!!!!
But... no $ no talk.... (omg that's a really lame sentence..!)

Anyway, I have no idea what's the difference of the old released albums and the new release ones..
What's the difference?! How come the new one more expensive than the old one but not the same price?? I already bankrup they still want release so many things! I want collect all of them la!!
And those singles.. I prefer the old version


Ok! That's the end of the show!!

P/S: Changed profile pic, but so fake!! 'cause edited! Added fake eye lashes!! HAHA!!!

-The End-

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last Two Drama Lesson

(Chinese post! Sry to those who doesn't read chinese!)

嗯.. 今年的戏剧课还剩下两堂.. 前天是最后第二堂..!


那时真的很好笑,因为我们一去到学校就鬼鬼祟祟的,怕让其他Milkygreen的看到我们!不过有被一两个小班的看到..! X___X
在5E9/4A1班附近/华文学会室旁边的那个走廊一直“看水”,一看到有小班的就转头不要让他们看到我们!(但他们已经是看到了的.. 只是因为跟我们不熟..|||)
看看下,看到思扬和阿康从华文学会室旁边的楼梯下来时,立刻叫思扬过来!可是他看不到我们,所以就叫一个刚好经过我们的一个小班的帮我们叫他过来..||| 跟他讲告诉每个人会有两个“新生”会来!

当时真的真的很紧张!因为很久没有出席戏剧课了,而且我们还想了要扮别的角色扮新生来自我介绍,很久没有扮演东西了..!一直在等思扬来叫我们,可是等到傻.. 久到....!!

过后思扬终于来叫我们进去了!超紧张的!到了门前很欠打很用力+一点粗鲁地开门!一开门就有欢呼声了.. *晕* 他们都没有想到我们会来~ 哈哈!
不过他们太大声了,我们自我介绍的时候都没人听到... 唉~ 总之“演”完了后很尴尬..!因为很久没有演了,觉得自己演的很样衰欠打..|||

唉~ 还以为今天会上一些能练到肢体的课程,能减肥.. (唉,两个月多没有运动了啊!死命吃东西..) 哪里知道是玩写人家的优点之类的.. 要走来走去,一停的时候碰面到的人就要写他们的优点.. 嗯.. 前年有玩过..!

嗯.. 过后又有上一些有点感性的课程...

第一个是给惠韵.. 哈哈她看到我给她的时候吓倒!嗯..每次看她的Msn space.. 要给她鼓励~!
第二个是给一个小班的,没有看过她.. 所以就写给她..!
碰见的是美欣..!Milkygreen王族的“树”(头发马尾一扎酱的,好像树酱)!很久没有跟她联络了.. 最多只是打招呼.. 明年就当组长了哦.. 要加油啊..!

对了.. 也有人写给我..
那时我第一张给惠韵时,惠韵也有写给我.. 佩婷,琪珊和慧珊同时是给我.. 过后过后凯琳也有写给我..
那时读那些纸条的时候,觉得很.. 开心?怀念?安慰?感动?唉呀不知道啦..!
看的时候当然有哭咯.. (不过哭到一点罢了,不懂做么 =_=||)想回以前在Milkygreen的日子.. 跟他们每个人在一起.. 真的真的很开心很怀念..!
有几个曾经是很熟很要好的,现在好像陌生人一样.. 每个人都变了,自己也是...

那么久没去戏剧课了.. 不过不想后悔.. 所以就去了..!
今天上戏剧课时感觉上又惯又不惯,很矛盾!没有穿鞋或袜子在班里走来走去.. 很久没有那样了.. 爽!
看着每个成员到处走时,觉得自己老了..!以前本来看的人大部分都是大过我的,现在看到的却是小过我的..!如果算年龄的话.. 阿凯最大咯,大过我一岁.. 过后.. 佩婷,阿康和思扬都是大过我几个月的,不过他们有读预备班所以算是小过我.. 琪珊我忘了她是几月生日!好像是大过我?凯琳小过我几个月.. 嗯.. 就这几个大过我罢了咯.. 其他的.. 全部看成学弟学妹了..!天啊!老了啊...



(从Milo老师的MsnSpace偷来的~ 很美啊这个海报~~)

嗯... 11月有TeaTeens3和PTG的演出《HIGH TEA 3》.. Milo老师是导演...!我要看啊~~~今年只是看了一部舞台剧!本来要去看循人中学和甲洞国中的公演的,但又没有去.. 没有看到佩莉和学诗的演出... T.T ...去年我在Milkygreen里看最多舞台剧的叻!连那部《城空思想》都有去看!RM35一张票!都不懂在演什么!不过整个舞台的视觉效果很美很厉害,所以也没后悔去看~ 很炸到去看的那天碰到TEA的老师们.. Milo老师,Eva老师,Frankie老师,伟福老师etc etc!尴尬到~~~!唉.. 看到破产.. 不过舞台剧真的很好看..!
我要看《HIGH TEA 3》啊~~!离开中学戏剧生活前看的最后一部舞台剧.. 而且Milo老师是导演啊!做么要在SPM时期..!


戏剧营.. 今年没有尊孔营,不过有橘子营.. 老师讲橘子营的system会弄好像尊孔营酱...
没有打算去戏剧营.. 不过... 有点想去..
我不是要上戏剧课程.. 不敢上营里的课程,因为很久没有练肢体,不松了,怕在那里辛苦..!
在营里会有感性的活动.. 有点想上.. 但这不是重点..

我想要表演.. 我想要站回舞台上演戏..!

那天才想到,《SHOW TIME 3》时,只有我一个毕业生是没有表演的..!琪珊两部剧都有演,阿凯和凯琳演串场.. 我.. 我控制灯光音响...!很后悔当时阿凯叫我演剧场规则串场的时候我却拒绝了..!所以那个串场就给美欣演了.. 她那个角色很好演很好玩叻..!ARGH!!!! 做么酱笨的我那时!唉.. 但现在后悔也没有用了..

戏剧营在假期,我要去找工赚钱了,因为要去台湾看演唱会..!都不知道有得去没有... 唉..!


还剩下最后一堂戏剧课.. 玩时一定要癫/玩到够,哭时一定要哭到傻/够..!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm dying without hide's songs!!

Just now while listen/skipping the playlist, it didn't skipped to hide's song! Suddenly felt like dying!! Like.. hard to breath!! Swt!


Yesterday my dad brought something home..

Ayumi's 2007 Asia Tour DVD and Complete Singles! Keep as collection!!
My dad's fren work in Warner Music so he gets free stuffs..

But.. the "Complete" Singles... why..

Why these but not THIS...!!


So sad.. if hide or X are Warner's.. I can have their CDs etc!!! T________T

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 Milkygreen Gathering

**NOTE: Damn many photos

Last Friday is our Milkygreen Gathering! Again, our gathering is at Genting Klang's Home Town steamboat restaurant! Thank God it rain in the afternoon but not at night!

Well we're having this gathering every year, this is the third year!


Soup! and..

While waiting the food is finish cooked, of course... Take pictures again!!

These 3 kept acting shocked infront of the camera..|||


This is what I ate..! Porridge steamboat..! But later I also ate the soup one of course!

Later I got nothing to do, so I went to play with SzeYang them~!

Heh, put chopstick into ahLing's pocket!

Then we got nothing to do so we took some boring photos!

CHEERS!! (Chinese tea =__=|||)

Because most of those people who took this kind of photos are always stars etc, so we used our pinky finger! The black one is mine!


HEAD!!! LOL!! Crazy..

Me, JunYuan and PeiTing~!


From Left to right
Upper: SzeYang. ahLing. ChangShun. QiShan. ahKai
Lower: Me, JunYuan. PeiTing

So swt because I'm the oldest but being stupid with them! (Not oldest in age la, I'm the only Form 5 in this pic!)

Old people!! (3 seniors and our drama teacher!)
(Start from left: ahBoy, JingYuan, LihYeh, and Milo!)

LihYeh gave Milo teacher this when she arrived!

Lol. (argh blur!!)

Well actually the next day is our teacher's birthday. Every year we have this gathering near to our teacher's birthday so that we can also celebrate his birthday!

Take pic again!!

Oh ya this is the present we gave our teacher~ Erm.. I don't know about this actually, is the juniors who planned it! ^^

Ok... it's time.. ahKang and MeiYan is holding the cake out! (the far 1)

Off the lights and...!!

Well actually after that we're taking group photos and photos of our teacher with the present!

Milo "photoshoot" section!!

(that's my hand! LOL! I'm recording the whole "process")


Current members (not included the guy wearing purple and black strips shirt)


Hmm.. actually many seniors didn't attend this gathering..
ahJune and KhenSear go to Singapore already.. (ARGH!! KhenSear got there learn hair dressing at his relative's saloon!! I want learn leh!!)
MeiYee go Macau..
ahJac go dance..(she a dancer)
MingJie have to go to Penang the next day..
Others.. dunno go where already!

Milo with cake!

Lol dunno why MeiYan looked so excited!


Presenting.. our present for Milo...!!

Hehe our teacher was shocked when he saw it!

OK!!! Time to take photos!!!

Old Seniors!!

Camwhore with other members!!

Lol dunno what's he doing.

3 Yong sui acting cool!

Lol this pic looks like arguing etc.. except JiaWei (the pink 1)

Me and ahKai's cake!

"Royal" family!! (not included the one with dyed hair and the purple+black strips shirt and those hands!)
Start from left to right
Upper: Servant T__T, prince, guard, assassin
Lower: King, TREE, .... (swt I forgot what ahLing is!!)

Haih.. so kesian our teacher.. =X

Camwhore with members again!!!


*Finished all the food

Later our teacher is going back!! So take his photos again!!

Haih.. MeiYan so lebih... =X

Continue take photos with other people!!

This pic is blur but dunno why I like it~!

Ok.. that's it!!

*The cake is finished!!

Then my dad fetch me, ahBoy, PeiTing and KarYee home~ (all live in Wangsa Maju Section 2..|||)

Damn jam.. =__=||||


Hmm.. I never thought that I'll be having a great time since I didn't communicate with them for a looooong time..! I never though that I still get to be crazy like last time..!!

Hmm.. There's 2 days of drama lessons left this year.. I'm going to attend the lessons.. because it's going to be the last two drama lessons in my life..!!

Anyway, Happy(Belated) Birthday to Milo!!