Friday, September 26, 2008

Window shopping with Kei~

Well it's been a long time I went out to shop! I mean.. just go walk around, window shopping etc.. Didn't went out for... about 3~4 months!!

Went to Pasar Seni to search some cloths.. weheh.. whheheh.. <__< cloths ="__=">Then we also search for accessories.. I can't find any cross pendant necklace that look like hide's..! It's just a very normal looking cross pendant.. but it's so hard to find...! D=

There's a shop got sell many Hello Kitty handbags, all very nice and not fake product one! Too bad Yvonne's not here~ weheh.. wheheheh.. heheh.. O__o?!

Later, we went to Sg Wang to have our lunch~

I never knew that there's japanese restaurant in Sg Wang =.="
Anyway, I really like the design of that restaurant! It has trains and caves and.. er.. a ferris wheel! The train carries those sushis behind it =D I wanted to take the train's pic, but my phone is too lousy so it's blur =__=|||

If hide(plush doll) is here he would be very happy D=

I ordered dumpling soba~ The dumplings taste GOOD!! OwO
We also ate some sushis, but not too many 'cause later out of money.. *NOW MUST SAVE MONEY AHHH!!! X!!!*

I drank hot green tea and my sis drank cold green tea~ But.. the hot green tea.. it's too much.. so I drink until my stomach want to burst....

Later we search for stuffs again~ Went to Times Square also.. but still can't find anything.. =(
I found a hat that suits my hide doll! But... RM12+++!! So small also wan so expensive!! Hmmp! Next time I'll make it myself!! D=<

We also passed by those i-sock shops.. They should put X Japan's posters too!! They're the legend in Visual Kei la wei!! D= But wait.. if they did put.. eww no.. X Japan's fame would be poluted by them! No no no...

Went home by LRT.. so many ppl until we have to wait for the third train..

Really hate those people who kept squeezing themselves into the train or bus or any other places that has no space anymore.. gila.. you're not a stick la.. be patient la.. even you squeeze in also very uncomfortable what.. useless brainless people...

Bring out RM40 today and use RM23++.. left about RM17..!! NOOOO!!!!! MY MONEYYY!!!!

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