Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thailand?? Taiwan?? D=

X JAPAN World Tour...!
Paris - 22 Nov 2008(Sat)
Hong Kong - 17 Jan 2009(Sat)
Thailand - 31 Jan 2009(Sat)
Taiwan - 14 Feb 2009(Sat)
Korea - 21 Mar 2009(Sat)


Me and my sis decided to go to the Taiwan tour, but...
Those other Malaysian X Freaks.. most of them decided to go to Thailand...!!!!

It means.. both of us can't meet those X Freaks from our own country, Malaysia....! That's so sad..!! D=
Last time when Bon Odori, we realized that we should ask all those Malaysian X freaks to go too so that we can do the "X jump".. (wtf?) because we saw there's a group of Morning Musume fans over there, wearing Morning Musume tshirts, doing the Morning Musume fan club dance..!!! D=

It's not their fault or they're not wrong to choose to go to the Thailand tour 'cause it's nearest to our country.. but.... D=
During that semester, my sis is having exam..! And we don't wanna go to Thailand too.. and we are more guarantee can get the Taiwan tour tickets (thx dad =D =X)......
AND! the tour in Taiwan is on VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

I wanna spend my valentine's day with hide X!!! It would be the BEST valentine's day EVER!!!

But.. Malaysian X Freaks... =(

Thailand and Taiwan.. how nice they can meet Yoshiki last time...

"We are X" Taipei 101

X Firework and YOSHIKI in Thailand

So nice the 101 tower in Taipei.. but those fireworks in Thailand... X fireworks man!! Even Yoshiki's happy when he saw it!!


Byebye Malaysian X Freaks.... =(

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