Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Post

1. Rilakkuma is SCARY!!!

Few days ago my sis and Kim-chan kept searching for Cinnamonroll stuffs! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

IT TALKS!!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later I remembered Rilakkuma!! Maybe it also cute like Cinnamonroll!
So my sis searched in Youtube again.....



I thought it's suppose to be CUTE!!! Freakin scares me!!!

Now I don't even know whether I still like Rilakkuma or not..! The animation is scary, but the picture is cute...! HOW?!???!

Just now I search for the San-x official site... Look what I found...!!!



2. New Hairstyle

Cut my hair on Monday night~!

* Ingnore the background

Well.. I didn't plan to cut it at first.. but my friend in school said that I look horrible...!
Not "cut" actually, is more like .. er.. "shave"??? o___o? dunno how to say la, just not use scissors but use some comb+blade thingy.. And it made my hair like this:

So hurt the hair! But don't care la.. as long as it become short =_=|||

So many hair!!

Finish! I ♥ short hair!!

I thought I'm going to let my hair grow very long.. but.. beh tahan..! I really love to chop of my hair from long to short!! O_o?


Hmm.. really hope next time I get to be a hair dresser/hair stylist..

3. Power failure (many photos..|||)

Well it happened suddenly last night..! But because the fan in our house have emergency light, so our house is bright! Yay!

Bright Desa


* hide~~♥

After the electricity is back, continue to study for SPM!!

Heh one of my exam question paper~ draw hide~ ♥
I thought it's nice but later found out that it's not nice when I turn to another angle...

SO ugly!!! SAD!!!!!


kim-chan said...

Cinnamoroll CUTE!~Support Cinnamoroll and kick Rilakkuma away. LOL
But the animation kowai? which part? o_o???
You short hair looks nice xD xD and cool at the same time too
Blackout? awwww *_* but you took all those pictures like so romantic. XD XD XD

KaedE said...

the way rilakkuma and it's frens "walk" and fly up, put their legs together and sit down...!