Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JB Half-day "Trip"

Went to Johore Bahru at night after my grandma's funeral.

We stayed in The Zon hotel (which used to called "Eden Hotel"). Although my grandma just passed away, of course I'll try not to be so negative or what.. she doesn't want all of us be like that, right?

Anyway, I'm really exciting to stay in a hotel! It's not a very big hotel, but still exciting about it! 'Cause it's been 4~5 years I didn't stay in a hotel! I remember the last time I stay in a hotel is when I'm having my primary school graduation vacation in Sarawak (wait.. I think that's not a hotel.. it's a inn =__=")

After that, my dad lend us some money so that we can go to the hotel's shopping mall to have our dinner etc then he went to S'pore~

We kept searching what can we eat, but there's only MarryBrown and Delifrance.. But in the end we ate MarryBrown D= Wait until so long!! And there's other people who kept ordering eventhough they already ordered!! D=<

* MarryBrown mascot..... D=

Later after my dad came back from S'pore, we went to the music restaurant that he opened! Yay! Me and my sis always wanted to go there, but we have to study D=

* The menu =D

I ordered a glass of strawberry smoothies WHICH KEI IS THE ONE WHO WANTS ME TO ORDER IT D=

* Strawberry smoothies~

It taste not bad! Taste like the strawberry yogurt drink which I love to drink =D But my sis doesn't like it =__=" She ordered honeydew smoothies~

These are the SUPPER we had that night~ I mean.. midnight..

* Mantou~ >3<>

The 2008 Project Superstar female contestant =D I want her to win! Which Kay won it.. =( I like her more than Kay D=

I have no idea who's that beside her.. My dad said that he's a local artist..|||

Back to the hotel~

* The next morning

Oh ya! X JAPAN is going to have a world tour in France, HongKong, Taiwan, and Thailand!! And guess what? Me and my sis are going to the tour in Taiwan!!! Of course we don't have any money.. So after SPM I gonna get some job so that I have money!! Then I can go there!! And see hide and X!! X3 And.... weheh...... WHEHEHEH!!! D=

Ugghhhh!!! SPM... faster... END!!!!!!! suauuahudahuaduhu!!!! (?)


阿仔 said...


Ellie_pi said...



you plan to have travel to taiwan soon....,neh?

who is the female vocalist?

project superstar?I don't recognize her at all?

has she sung the japanese song called"I believe"by ayaka during j-pop PK session?

KaedE said...

got many ppl de lehh! but I didn't take the photo la.. not interesting also D=

yup~ going to see my fav band's concert!! XD
Err.. I'm not sure 'cause I missed that episode challenge X__X"

阿仔 said...

*zhadao~~~seem like no people was there....kakakaka~~~

KaedE said...

i didn't take those pic marr... =___="