Friday, September 12, 2008

hide BIBLE!!

Few weeks ago/last month I ordered hide's official photobook - hide BIBLE from Yesasia and...


*The front cover

I'm sooo happy that it's here! I thought I'm going to wait for about a month or more than a month to received it(they shipped on 3rd September) but I received it yesterday! So fast ok?!

*Some of the pictures of hide in the hide BIBLE =D

*I really love this pic of hide!! X3

*hide respect comments from various artists

*hide discography and archieve in ARENA37C

*hide dictionary

There're still more, but of course I won't post them all. I just post it because I wanna let everyone see hide!! HAHA!! =X

-The End-

p/s: I still can't believe that he's dead for 10 years..

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