Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy "Belated" Mooncake Festival

Erm.. Actually there's something I don't get it.. Why it is called "Mooncake Festival"? I saw the TV commercial called it "Mid-Autumn Festival", it should be called that right? I thought it's suppose to be “中秋节”, not “月饼节” =__= That's so unfair to other foods like them:

*"Moooo.. What about us.....!"

Anyway, in Mid-autumn festival(two days ago), it kept raining like crap! It did stopped for awhile, but just AWHILE, it continued later =__=

Just like every year, me and my family have to go to my grandma's house to "celebrate" the festival and pray those ancestors etc. And of course we light up some tanglungs~

*Preparing those tanglungs

It's so funny while we're hanging those tanglungs at the balcony, 'cause we get to see some FREE "action movie"!! See! :

* "Die you table!"

Did you people do this when you're a kid?? *__* I just know that I played with Barbies when I was a kid~ Or playing plush dolls etc~ (now I still love dolls ok?!) But my looks doesn't suit all of these.. D=

While we're watching TV, suddenly one of the tanglung was burned! Haha! So funny! =D Erm.. I mean my uncles' reaction =X

*The balcony's glass door

Hmm.. This year is kinda boring.. Every year we light up candles at the corridor outside my grandma's house, but this year we didnt =( Just.. hang those tanglungs.. D=

It's still raining at night while we're going back home D= But later the rain wasn't that heavy like in the afternoon la..

We light up some tanglungs again (but this time is at home)~ But what irritates me is.. all of them burned one by one =.= I want study also cannot.. Study MATHS!! Many chapters forgot how to do, so I wanted to memorise them again.. but.. =_= Study until 1am++ near to 2am.. (but the next day I still dunno how to do some of the questions... D=)

*Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to KL~

Hmm.. Few subjects left and the SPM trial exam ends..!! D= Wanna study hard but still.. D=

-T H E E N D-

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