Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma's Funeral

Hmm.. Went to my grandma's funeral few days ago..

* hide is going with me~♥

It's so weird to see my grandma's coffin, 'cause.. she's just dead..! It felt really weird.. and sad.. I mean.. she's dead.. really dead..!

Everyone's there already, wearing those pant's and shirt that we used to wear them too when our grandpa died last time.. But this time felt more sad.. maybe because I'm still a kid those days..

*Grandma's coffin

I really wish to take many pictures of the coffin or just around the house, hopping that I could capture my grandma's spirit.. But I just took some 'cause it's kinda.. not respect to them..?

*Sliver and gold papers

But what's weird is, I laugh a lot..! Because there're two of our cousin is sooo funny! Well.. it's not consider funny.. 'cause we're playing with those silver papers..|||

It's really unrespect to the dead, but they're just doing "good" stuffs to my grandma, like using the silver paper to fold "Super Ring"(junk food) or doughnuts, or AEROPLANE! (my cousin said that the adults didn't burn and airplane to my grandma, so he folded and burned it D=)


They also fold the silver paper like the olympic torch to make the fire bigger D=

At night, me and my sis stay late at night to burn those silver papers until 5am++! Long time no stay late at night for so long..!

I thought all of these laughs would stop me from crying for my grandma

The next day, it's the day to send my grandma to the graveyard.. It's so weird 'cause no one cried except for my mum, me and my sis..! So hurt to see my mum cry 'cause my grandma treat her the best.. I can't imagine what if my mum die in the future... NOOOOO!!!!!

After all of these, me and my sis is going to Johore Bahru with my dad 'cause he's going to Singapore.. I felt like don't wanna leave my grandma's house.. but I have tuition the next day, and.. it's been 4years++ I didnt stay in a hotel!! (wohoo!!....?) Hmm...

Anyway, we're still going back to Muar on Tuesday~...

R I P to my grandma..

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