Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GLAY and hide

Hmm.. I forgot why I searched for GLAY perform hide's song "Misery" in EXPO'99 concert.. It's just so sad.. 'cause hide was the one who found them and introduce them to Yoshiki..

GLAY - Misery

This is the original 1 sung by hide

hide - Misery

(add another nice song heehheee!!! =X)

... It's just sad to see hide so cute and cool and good looking..! I still can't believe he's dead!! D=

Later I found another video by GLAY (while watching Glay performing "Misery")! It's GLAY performing their debut song ("Rain", which originally featured by Yoshiki)!
It's suppose/originally a slow song, but they arranged it to fast song! Still nice!

GLAY - Rain

Haih.. Teru's voice so nice...!!
Weheh! Hisashi is so cute! X3 My favorite guitarist!! Wait.. or hide's my favorite guitarist..?? ARGHH!! SO HARD TO DECIDE!!!!

Another two GLAY performance! Beijing Tour! (I love Hisa's shirt XD)

GLAY - Zutto Futari de


(Shit! I hate it when I found nice videos in YouTube 'cause I post many thing in blog later =_=")

Anyway, GLAY is still the best! (Exclude X JAPAN =X) My first fav jrock band..! But now X JAPAN is the best for me!! XD GLAY become the second place! HEH!! =X

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