Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACGC'08 @ Mid Valley

* Ignore those toothpaste etc D=

Went out with my sis again~ This time we went to ACGC @ Mid Valley~!

* This is the first time I ever wear nail polish to other places.. And it's black D= (and 1 yellow, the left hand's second finger nail written "hide" =D)

But before that, we went to Pizza Hut to eat our lunch first~

* Bread stick and soup~ (stupid camera phone don't focus to nearer things..)

We ordered the set for 2 person, Hawaiian Chicken pizza.. Mmm..

* Not trying to laugh actually, but can't stand to laugh =__="

After finished our lunch, I searched for accessories to cosplay hide again.. but still.. D=



I thought I would be having a "normal" feeling going to a cosplay event since this is the first time I've ever attend a cosplay event, but when I first saw those cosplayers....


I was soooo excited kept jumping around (not jumping like crazy la)!! Felt a bit scary 'cause they're not "normal" people, they're (cosplaying) people from games/animes! *shivers* Then my sis showed me to another direction.. It's Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden sitting/posing in the floor with NORMAL people kept taking photos with her!! She looks pretty...!!

* Suigin Tou cosplayer posing for those who want's to take her pic

So excited ok?!! I never expected that I'll be so excited!! HAHA!! =D =X

Because there's many taking photos with her, so I also beh tahan want to take pic with her!!

Heh! First time take pic with a cosplayer! But she didn't look at the screen... D=
Felt bad for her too, 'cause many people kept want to take her photos/take photos with her but she looked so tired =( Cosplayers...

It's Misa and L from Death Note!! *snaps*

* Suzumiya Haruhi figurines

Figurines! I didn't knew that I like them too! =D But not those eichi figurines la..
But I know that if I own them, they'll be suffering 'cause I'm lazy to clean them up D=

* Cosplay competition contestants (stupid camera phone..)

Cosplay competition!! Yay!
It's so nice and funny to watch those cosplayers perform (introducing themselves?) because it's so dramatic! Some one cosplayed Ichigo from Bleach and one of his lines is "I'm so angry!!" or what ah, damn funny lor! Another group even used songs from High School Musical 3 sang by Gabriella and Troy! Oh! And!! When the first group starts to perform, the song..!! It's "Satsugai" from Detroit Metal City!! WOHOO syok!! (Hehe that song is written by KAZ! ex member of hide with Spread Beaver~ =D)

Oh ya! Saw misshermes there! =X And I think Aiko's there too? Not sure if that's her or not D= And my sis met Guki!
And.. I even saw two of my drama seniors (LinJye and ChetChun) =__=||| But just ChetChun saw me.. good.. I dun wanna see any people that knows who I am... =D =X

* Back at home!

Hmm.. cosplay... I wanna cosplay too!! Looks fun..! D= MONEYY!!!! Ughhh!!
I wanna cosplay hide and go to X Japan's concert...! But hard to find the things too cosplay.. especially the WIG!! I found a hide wig in taobao site, but.. I dunno how to buy 'cause it's from China and the money transfer is not Paypal.. ARGHH!!!

I wanna cosplay as other characters too... iofhiedjksndi!!!

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