Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selling ANIZO 11(Olympic'08 ver) - Japan representative

ANIZO 11 (Olympic Version)

日本代表 (Japan representative)

Condition: New

Click HERE for other info


Erm.. actually I'm just helping my sis to sell this in the blog that me and my fren created, post it here so that can sambil promote that site ^^"

If interested in other stuffs in the site, visit *Crafts Garden* ^^" (but most of them suitable for girls D=)

GLAY and hide

Hmm.. I forgot why I searched for GLAY perform hide's song "Misery" in EXPO'99 concert.. It's just so sad.. 'cause hide was the one who found them and introduce them to Yoshiki..

GLAY - Misery

This is the original 1 sung by hide

hide - Misery

(add another nice song heehheee!!! =X)

... It's just sad to see hide so cute and cool and good looking..! I still can't believe he's dead!! D=

Later I found another video by GLAY (while watching Glay performing "Misery")! It's GLAY performing their debut song ("Rain", which originally featured by Yoshiki)!
It's suppose/originally a slow song, but they arranged it to fast song! Still nice!

GLAY - Rain

Haih.. Teru's voice so nice...!!
Weheh! Hisashi is so cute! X3 My favorite guitarist!! Wait.. or hide's my favorite guitarist..?? ARGHH!! SO HARD TO DECIDE!!!!

Another two GLAY performance! Beijing Tour! (I love Hisa's shirt XD)

GLAY - Zutto Futari de


(Shit! I hate it when I found nice videos in YouTube 'cause I post many thing in blog later =_=")

Anyway, GLAY is still the best! (Exclude X JAPAN =X) My first fav jrock band..! But now X JAPAN is the best for me!! XD GLAY become the second place! HEH!! =X

hide in the blog!

Hey everyone! I created a blog for my hide doll~!! (Lol + swt)

hide in the blog!

go have a visit when u're free! ^^"

And another site, me and my fren created it to sell handmade stuffs..!

*Crafts Garden*

Well the site is not really nice 'cause just open few days ago..
go and have a visit too! ^^

Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACGC'08 @ Mid Valley

* Ignore those toothpaste etc D=

Went out with my sis again~ This time we went to ACGC @ Mid Valley~!

* This is the first time I ever wear nail polish to other places.. And it's black D= (and 1 yellow, the left hand's second finger nail written "hide" =D)

But before that, we went to Pizza Hut to eat our lunch first~

* Bread stick and soup~ (stupid camera phone don't focus to nearer things..)

We ordered the set for 2 person, Hawaiian Chicken pizza.. Mmm..

* Not trying to laugh actually, but can't stand to laugh =__="

After finished our lunch, I searched for accessories to cosplay hide again.. but still.. D=



I thought I would be having a "normal" feeling going to a cosplay event since this is the first time I've ever attend a cosplay event, but when I first saw those cosplayers....


I was soooo excited kept jumping around (not jumping like crazy la)!! Felt a bit scary 'cause they're not "normal" people, they're (cosplaying) people from games/animes! *shivers* Then my sis showed me to another direction.. It's Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden sitting/posing in the floor with NORMAL people kept taking photos with her!! She looks pretty...!!

* Suigin Tou cosplayer posing for those who want's to take her pic

So excited ok?!! I never expected that I'll be so excited!! HAHA!! =D =X

Because there's many taking photos with her, so I also beh tahan want to take pic with her!!

Heh! First time take pic with a cosplayer! But she didn't look at the screen... D=
Felt bad for her too, 'cause many people kept want to take her photos/take photos with her but she looked so tired =( Cosplayers...

It's Misa and L from Death Note!! *snaps*

* Suzumiya Haruhi figurines

Figurines! I didn't knew that I like them too! =D But not those eichi figurines la..
But I know that if I own them, they'll be suffering 'cause I'm lazy to clean them up D=

* Cosplay competition contestants (stupid camera phone..)

Cosplay competition!! Yay!
It's so nice and funny to watch those cosplayers perform (introducing themselves?) because it's so dramatic! Some one cosplayed Ichigo from Bleach and one of his lines is "I'm so angry!!" or what ah, damn funny lor! Another group even used songs from High School Musical 3 sang by Gabriella and Troy! Oh! And!! When the first group starts to perform, the song..!! It's "Satsugai" from Detroit Metal City!! WOHOO syok!! (Hehe that song is written by KAZ! ex member of hide with Spread Beaver~ =D)

Oh ya! Saw misshermes there! =X And I think Aiko's there too? Not sure if that's her or not D= And my sis met Guki!
And.. I even saw two of my drama seniors (LinJye and ChetChun) =__=||| But just ChetChun saw me.. good.. I dun wanna see any people that knows who I am... =D =X

* Back at home!

Hmm.. cosplay... I wanna cosplay too!! Looks fun..! D= MONEYY!!!! Ughhh!!
I wanna cosplay hide and go to X Japan's concert...! But hard to find the things too cosplay.. especially the WIG!! I found a hide wig in taobao site, but.. I dunno how to buy 'cause it's from China and the money transfer is not Paypal.. ARGHH!!!

I wanna cosplay as other characters too... iofhiedjksndi!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thailand?? Taiwan?? D=

X JAPAN World Tour...!
Paris - 22 Nov 2008(Sat)
Hong Kong - 17 Jan 2009(Sat)
Thailand - 31 Jan 2009(Sat)
Taiwan - 14 Feb 2009(Sat)
Korea - 21 Mar 2009(Sat)


Me and my sis decided to go to the Taiwan tour, but...
Those other Malaysian X Freaks.. most of them decided to go to Thailand...!!!!

It means.. both of us can't meet those X Freaks from our own country, Malaysia....! That's so sad..!! D=
Last time when Bon Odori, we realized that we should ask all those Malaysian X freaks to go too so that we can do the "X jump".. (wtf?) because we saw there's a group of Morning Musume fans over there, wearing Morning Musume tshirts, doing the Morning Musume fan club dance..!!! D=

It's not their fault or they're not wrong to choose to go to the Thailand tour 'cause it's nearest to our country.. but.... D=
During that semester, my sis is having exam..! And we don't wanna go to Thailand too.. and we are more guarantee can get the Taiwan tour tickets (thx dad =D =X)......
AND! the tour in Taiwan is on VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

I wanna spend my valentine's day with hide X!!! It would be the BEST valentine's day EVER!!!

But.. Malaysian X Freaks... =(

Thailand and Taiwan.. how nice they can meet Yoshiki last time...

"We are X" Taipei 101

X Firework and YOSHIKI in Thailand

So nice the 101 tower in Taipei.. but those fireworks in Thailand... X fireworks man!! Even Yoshiki's happy when he saw it!!


Byebye Malaysian X Freaks.... =(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Window shopping with Kei~

Well it's been a long time I went out to shop! I mean.. just go walk around, window shopping etc.. Didn't went out for... about 3~4 months!!

Went to Pasar Seni to search some cloths.. weheh.. whheheh.. <__< cloths ="__=">Then we also search for accessories.. I can't find any cross pendant necklace that look like hide's..! It's just a very normal looking cross pendant.. but it's so hard to find...! D=

There's a shop got sell many Hello Kitty handbags, all very nice and not fake product one! Too bad Yvonne's not here~ weheh.. wheheheh.. heheh.. O__o?!

Later, we went to Sg Wang to have our lunch~

I never knew that there's japanese restaurant in Sg Wang =.="
Anyway, I really like the design of that restaurant! It has trains and caves and.. er.. a ferris wheel! The train carries those sushis behind it =D I wanted to take the train's pic, but my phone is too lousy so it's blur =__=|||

If hide(plush doll) is here he would be very happy D=

I ordered dumpling soba~ The dumplings taste GOOD!! OwO
We also ate some sushis, but not too many 'cause later out of money.. *NOW MUST SAVE MONEY AHHH!!! X!!!*

I drank hot green tea and my sis drank cold green tea~ But.. the hot green tea.. it's too much.. so I drink until my stomach want to burst....

Later we search for stuffs again~ Went to Times Square also.. but still can't find anything.. =(
I found a hat that suits my hide doll! But... RM12+++!! So small also wan so expensive!! Hmmp! Next time I'll make it myself!! D=<

We also passed by those i-sock shops.. They should put X Japan's posters too!! They're the legend in Visual Kei la wei!! D= But wait.. if they did put.. eww no.. X Japan's fame would be poluted by them! No no no...

Went home by LRT.. so many ppl until we have to wait for the third train..

Really hate those people who kept squeezing themselves into the train or bus or any other places that has no space anymore.. gila.. you're not a stick la.. be patient la.. even you squeeze in also very uncomfortable what.. useless brainless people...

Bring out RM40 today and use RM23++.. left about RM17..!! NOOOO!!!!! MY MONEYYY!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 7th day of grandma's death

Yeah! Finally the trial exam is over on Tuesday!! But there's a few subjects surely I'll fail..

Anyway, on Tuesday, it's the 6th day of my grandma's death.. They said that we have to go back to Muar again 'cause base on the religious stuff, on the 6th day at night the spirit will come back to the house! Erm.. I don't really know how to say all these stuffs..

Dunno what's wrong in KL.. jam like crap ok..?! We took about 1 and a half hours to pass the Sg Besi tol! Gila..!

Normally we took about 2 hrs ++ to arrive Muar, but on that day we took about.. err.. about 4hrs++? Gila la.. double leh..

It's already quite late when we arrived..

The next morning about 4am, something happen..
It's raining heavily and guess what? The ceiling had a bunch of water down! Me and my dad slept on the floor exactly on the spot! My dad kena the rain a lot but I didn't kena, my pillow kena a bit.. D=

*My mum kept wiping all the water.. =(

* Water on the floor

* Buckets... D=

Because I'm already awake, so I went to toilet + brush teeth etc.. Then suddenly my 9th aunt asked me whether I saw my grandma's hand print! I was like "Where?!! O___O?!!" Then she brought me to the kitchen and showed me this:

Well this pic.. it's not clear of course.. I didn't bring the camera to Muar.. Have to take pic using 2.o mega pixel camera phone to take.. So regret that I didnt bring!! ARGGHHH!!!

The hand print is not quite clear, can't see the fingers in the right way, but can see the palm..! My 9th aunt's husband kept taking photos of it.. (= o=)"

My aunts said that according to the things they believe, on the 7th day of the death, their spirit will come back to their house. As for the rice, the spirit will come back try to cook the rice or something.. So most of the people will get ready for the rice, I mean make the surface flat so that we can see the difference the next day..!

And the next day.. there IS some difference!

I dunno whether it's true or not that my grandma did came back 'cause all of these stuffs are really hard to predict.. but I choose to believe it =D

Hmm later I can't sleep anymore and had my breakfast.. But later I still went to sleep =__="

My mum said that the heavy rain starts about 3am++ until 6pm++.. And because my dad washed his car last night (according to what they believe, we can't wash our head, car etc 'cause the death might drink those water?? o__o?), my mum told him not to wash but my dad didn't listen.. So the next day, my grandma "washed" him back..! (?) Dunno la.. this is what they believe! What a coincidence! Haha!

Later about 10am++ we pray pray pray.. then went to our grandma's grave again.. The weather is very nice that moment because of the heavy rain had clear the sky~ So nice~ The sky is a bit pinkish! X3 Reminds me of hide D= (Pink Cloud Assembly - one of hide's "song")

Hmm.. So... my grandma is really dead huh.. Not much to cry anymore now 'cause start to get used to it already.. =D

Oh ya!! Suddenly remember something! My 8th aunt told us that her daughter (our cousin la) dreamed of my grandpa the day before my grandma die!! That so nice!! I've been wondering who would dreamed about my grandma or grandpa! Argh!! I want to dream about them!! And my 3rd aunt dreamed about my grandpa too but it's the week before my grandma died, kept dreamed about my grandpa..! So nice.. D=

Hmm.. Every aunts and my uncle have some stuffs that was left by my grandma (accessories).. Me and my sis got some memorial stuffs too!

It's a ring that bought from my uncle to my grandma.. It's made out from coconut.. er.. dunno which part.. kernel or mesocarp? Dunno la..
Anyway my uncle was going to throw it, but my mum saw it and knew that we'll love it because it's black in colour, which matches our black onyx bracelet.. So now they belongs to us!
My mum said that my grandma knew how to make these kind of ring too, made out of coconuts.. Really admire those people from a long time ago.. especially those who lived in small villages or country side..

hide - first day far from home

* "Where are we going..??"

* "Ooo... Sales...! I wanna buy some stuffs~ <3"

* "I got a skateboard~ with a ribbon on it! =3"

* "Hey.. who's this handsome+cute guy..?!!!"

* "Oh wait.. this person is more cute..!! *grins*"

* "Yes I love myself! SO WHAT?!!"


*"Wtf what's this..?"

* "Where am I?!!! D="

* "Ooo bed.. comfy.. =3"

* "Camwhore~"

* "Wtf...?!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JB Half-day "Trip"

Went to Johore Bahru at night after my grandma's funeral.

We stayed in The Zon hotel (which used to called "Eden Hotel"). Although my grandma just passed away, of course I'll try not to be so negative or what.. she doesn't want all of us be like that, right?

Anyway, I'm really exciting to stay in a hotel! It's not a very big hotel, but still exciting about it! 'Cause it's been 4~5 years I didn't stay in a hotel! I remember the last time I stay in a hotel is when I'm having my primary school graduation vacation in Sarawak (wait.. I think that's not a hotel.. it's a inn =__=")

After that, my dad lend us some money so that we can go to the hotel's shopping mall to have our dinner etc then he went to S'pore~

We kept searching what can we eat, but there's only MarryBrown and Delifrance.. But in the end we ate MarryBrown D= Wait until so long!! And there's other people who kept ordering eventhough they already ordered!! D=<

* MarryBrown mascot..... D=

Later after my dad came back from S'pore, we went to the music restaurant that he opened! Yay! Me and my sis always wanted to go there, but we have to study D=

* The menu =D

I ordered a glass of strawberry smoothies WHICH KEI IS THE ONE WHO WANTS ME TO ORDER IT D=

* Strawberry smoothies~

It taste not bad! Taste like the strawberry yogurt drink which I love to drink =D But my sis doesn't like it =__=" She ordered honeydew smoothies~

These are the SUPPER we had that night~ I mean.. midnight..

* Mantou~ >3<>

The 2008 Project Superstar female contestant =D I want her to win! Which Kay won it.. =( I like her more than Kay D=

I have no idea who's that beside her.. My dad said that he's a local artist..|||

Back to the hotel~

* The next morning

Oh ya! X JAPAN is going to have a world tour in France, HongKong, Taiwan, and Thailand!! And guess what? Me and my sis are going to the tour in Taiwan!!! Of course we don't have any money.. So after SPM I gonna get some job so that I have money!! Then I can go there!! And see hide and X!! X3 And.... weheh...... WHEHEHEH!!! D=

Ugghhhh!!! SPM... faster... END!!!!!!! suauuahudahuaduhu!!!! (?)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma's Funeral

Hmm.. Went to my grandma's funeral few days ago..

* hide is going with me~♥

It's so weird to see my grandma's coffin, 'cause.. she's just dead..! It felt really weird.. and sad.. I mean.. she's dead.. really dead..!

Everyone's there already, wearing those pant's and shirt that we used to wear them too when our grandpa died last time.. But this time felt more sad.. maybe because I'm still a kid those days..

*Grandma's coffin

I really wish to take many pictures of the coffin or just around the house, hopping that I could capture my grandma's spirit.. But I just took some 'cause it's kinda.. not respect to them..?

*Sliver and gold papers

But what's weird is, I laugh a lot..! Because there're two of our cousin is sooo funny! Well.. it's not consider funny.. 'cause we're playing with those silver papers..|||

It's really unrespect to the dead, but they're just doing "good" stuffs to my grandma, like using the silver paper to fold "Super Ring"(junk food) or doughnuts, or AEROPLANE! (my cousin said that the adults didn't burn and airplane to my grandma, so he folded and burned it D=)


They also fold the silver paper like the olympic torch to make the fire bigger D=

At night, me and my sis stay late at night to burn those silver papers until 5am++! Long time no stay late at night for so long..!

I thought all of these laughs would stop me from crying for my grandma

The next day, it's the day to send my grandma to the graveyard.. It's so weird 'cause no one cried except for my mum, me and my sis..! So hurt to see my mum cry 'cause my grandma treat her the best.. I can't imagine what if my mum die in the future... NOOOOO!!!!!

After all of these, me and my sis is going to Johore Bahru with my dad 'cause he's going to Singapore.. I felt like don't wanna leave my grandma's house.. but I have tuition the next day, and.. it's been 4years++ I didnt stay in a hotel!! (wohoo!!....?) Hmm...

Anyway, we're still going back to Muar on Tuesday~...

R I P to my grandma..