Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Music Saved My Life"

Last time when I went to Jusco to celebrate ahEng and CheyThong's birthday day, and I saw a very nice shirt in PDI store!

I sms-ed my sis immediately! I really want it!! And a few days later, We bought it each! But my dad paid for us.. =D =X


Which pants is better? (huge hips and leg D=)
(Lol all same pose)

I really like what it wrote on the shirt..! It doesn't mean it "saved" my life from things like trying to kill myself or what (NO! I won't do such a thing!!) It's because I love music!
I love rock, pop, poprock, metal, classical (no techno and hiphop rapping! except some of TMR's techno songs and w-inds.'s songs ) I love X JAPAN and hide!!
And GLAY and Hisashi!
(and SID and Mao and YUKI and GacktJob and WaT and Ikimono Gakari and w-inds. and ZONE and Chatmonchy and Otsuka Ai and Megamaso and Avril Lavigne and The Click Five and YUI and Ayumi and Dreams Come True and aiko and PUFFY and Ayaka and Orange Range and Antic Cafe and *NSYNC and.... Zzz..)

Anyway now I ♥ the most is hide and X JAPAN!! YAY!

Last night me and my family went to Jusco again to have dinner and buy some sport shoes. I bought a yellow nail polish too! (My mum paid it =X)

The purpose I want it it's not because I wanna use it on my finger nails, is on....

My wallet!!I wanted to colour it so that it looks like hide's (X Japan's guitarist) guitar! See those red stains on the left? I used yellow water colour and red ink pen to colour and draw it before I got the nail polish, but it won't dry! So it pasted in the other side on the right D=

I really love nail polish! Not to use them on my fingers, but to draw and decorate stuffs! =D


I used to love to use those bling stuffs to decorate my phone! But it always fell off, so I don't do it anymore.But nail polish last longer! So I love it more =D

None related:

hide =D

Phone straps:
- Black skateboard(used nail polish again write hide Pink Spider etc)
- hide guitar pick strap that comes with the hide doll my sis bought for me on my birthday (it also has hide's guitar with it but I scare it will broke so I took it off)
- yellow+red heart made by Yvonne using straws (she made for herself, me and QingTian, all the same.. the yellow and red is origianlly black and skyblue, but because I saw she has yellow and red straws, like hide's guitar..! so... =D)

I ♥ hide! HAHA!! =X

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kim-chan said...

Hide's number 1 fan! XDDDDD