Monday, August 11, 2008

The Best of Chong Hwa 2008 中华之最

Sigh.. This afternoon went to SPM English seminar..
I'm REALLY sad 'cause I just noticed that my english SUX!! I didn't knew that my english was THAT bad..! Those people over there are wayyyy better than me!
means "game"There're many vocabs the teacher used.. I don't understand them..! Like the word "ice beaker"..! I don't even know that.. D= sob..!
Well.. that's a great lesson for me.. =(

Ok let's just forget about that!

It's also the audition of "The Best of ChongHwa"(singing talent competition organised by my school's guitar club =__=) today!
I wanted to go and support my classmates (there're 5 of them who took part! =O), but too bad I can't.. People who didn't take part can't go..! =( But not anymore in the 2nd round! =D
Know what? 5 of them got through the 2nd round!! (congrats!! XD)

Yay! The next sunday is the 2nd round, I can go support them!! All of us are going to wear our class tshirt = football jersey~~ WOHOO!!

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