Saturday, August 23, 2008

"The Balance Of ARTz"

Well actually it's my class' "name" that we named it ourselves. We're the only Art class in our school, and guess what? We're also the last ART class in our school.The past few years' art class were always known as the "rubbish class" 'cause of the students of the class were always sleeping, skipped classes/school, don't do any school works etc, and they think ART are not very useful, important or whatever, so they just closed it, start from this year's Form 4, that means we're the LAST art class in our school.It's kinda sad 'cause.. how could they do this? Mean that art is not important? Art is useless? Then what are you wearing now? Where are you living in right now? Everything around you are art and designs, how could you eliminate it?
Ok.. whatever..


These days me and my classmates' relationships are closer than before! So happy about it 'cause before this, all of us were separated into a few groups. (I don't like that.. D=)

Last Friday there're only about 15 people went to school, and most of our teacher didn't come into our class. All of us just sat into a group and chat all day!

(gay story 1)

(gay story 2)

I'm so glad that I brought camera to school that day! Took pictures again~♥

While all of us were fooling around, suddenly our class monitor gone "mad"..! She kept crying and blaming herself on some of the things, stressed out.. After a few minutes when we looked back at her, she's gone!! One of our classmate who was quite close to her told us that our monitor said before that she wanted to die! All of us were shocked! We kept searching for her in the school, everyone were worried that she'll do something stupid..! We saw her walking down to the groud floor of the school (our classroom is at the 2nd floor)! All of us were acting like spies but our monitor still saw us.. =_=ll Then she's gone again!!We can't find her at all! But later she came back.. fuu..!
Later Syikin kept heping her to calm down and then she's back to normal~ Not fully..
Sigh.. I hope our monitor won't be like this again.. This is the 2nd time, but this time was even worse..!

After school, went to eat Ban Mee with Yvonne, QingTian, ahEng and SzeMun~ It's been a long time I didnt went out to eat with Yvonne and QingTian~!Ordered a bowl of Ban Mee~ But I regreted not to order the larger one 'cause I'm not full enough! D=

This is the first time I went out with ahEng and also SzeMun~ It's kinda happy 'cause the 5 of us get along =DWe're having a great time, suddenly someone I don't wanna see came into the restaurant too.. The guy I used to crushed for about 2++ years and his girlfriend came in.. Well I didn't look at them of course, act like I didn't saw them. What a BAD moment =__=
You know what? I can't believe I used to had a crush in a guy for so long..! (Maybe some people are even longer) I felt so stupid when I thought about it! Wasting my brain's space (LOl)..! But I'm glad I don't have a crush right now~ Wait.. I do have a crush! Wait, not a crush..

Yay!! I LOVE hide!! XD


Anyway, that was a really great day for me although there're quite many things happened..?


The few past entries I wrote about the talent competition "The Best Of Chong Hwa", there's 5 people took part from my class, and the 5 of them got through the 1st round!So after tuition, I went to support them! Weee~

That is a music studio or music room place that owned by the guitar club's teacher.. I hate guitar club'cause I joined before and quit after a year.. The lessons were to slow..!!

Erm.. Anyways, it has many keyboards and guitars.

There's a room (I think it's a practise room or something?) there're electric guitars, basses, drum set etc!! I WANT THEM!!! How can that teacher became so rich?!!! ARGH!!!

Start from left: Onzai, QingTian, ahEng, Yvonne, Uki

There're other people passed the 1st round too, and I love some of them! They sang really good!!

Waiting for result

But only 20 of them can go to the 3rd round. As for the 5 of them, Uki was the only one who passed. But at least they got through the 2nd round.. right..??

The entrance(QingTian, Yvonne, KaedE)


This morning, we went to Jusco to celebrate ahEng and CheyThong's belated birthday~!! It's supposed to be 14 people who come celebrate (inculde the two of them), but in the end there're only 9 =___=

We bought a strawberry cake from Secret Recipe and celebrated in Shakey's~(Lol) But.. the cake.. I don't like it.. I don't really like to eat strawberries D=

ahEng's birthday card


LOOK! How horrible was the cake?! But the cream was nice.. (Sry to Secret Recipe X__X)

After the celebration was end, me, Yvonne and QingTian went into the toilet's make-up room 'cause Yvonne just bought herself a new mascara and wanted to try it immediately..! (Lol)
We went to the arcade place to play taiko! Long time no play~! But I have to leave earlier 'cause I have to go to New Era College to watch some drama performance~ Wee~

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